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Posted on Aug 13, 2019
byPriyanka Roy (Business Development Consultant)

"Java Technology"? - is it really Dead?

Is Java abolished, declared as old technology, losing its importance or turning extinct? The answer is a big-time “NO” and here’s why -

The origin of Java goes way back in 1991 when it was initially named as “OAK”. It was then in the year 1994 that OAK was renamed as Java. Since then, Java has evolved massively and its implications in various sectors have just amplified. The slogan - 'One Platform, One Brand, New Destination' fits this technology in the most appropriate manner.

As of 2019, Java is supposed to be the world’s most popular and powerful programming language. In fact, it is used by 95% of the enterprises as their primary language and is said to be the developer’s most favorite.

The latest release on Java, Java 12 in March 2019, keeps it relevant and stronger than ever before. It remains prevalent and the reasons are as per the following -
1. Usage- Java is employed heavily within the Big Data space for example with tools such as Apache Hadoop written in Java. The biggest banks / monetary enterprises of the world run Java to power their back-ends. It’s additionally employed in High-Frequency Trading applications when it can rival C++ in performance in some cases. Java technology-based smart cards are also being adopted by many ISVs, corporations, and governments for identity solutions.

2. Applications- There are numerous types of applications that Run on Java specifically, Desktop GUI Applications, Mobile Applications (the Android operating system uses Java APIs), Embedded Systems, Web Applications, Web Servers, and Application Servers, Enterprise Applications, Scientific Applications and far a lot more.

" Java technology is expanding everywhere and runs on more than 2.5 billion devices worldwide. "

3. Benefits- Java permits you to create modular programs, reusable code and is platform-independent. Java is extremely versatile – meaning permits developers to place in writing code which will run on any machine, regardless of its architecture or platform. Hence, is at the base of creation for numerous well-renowned applications and software all together. Intelligent use of Java can definitely help unleash its potential in unlimited meaningful ways.

Aress Software helps you get the best out of Java Development. We’ve got skilled Sun Certified Professionals and provide a widespread of services across, programming and development of Java platform concerning its architecture & framework, Java Mail and Applets. Thus, Aress helps you give a one-stop solution for all your Java development needs.

To avail our Java Development Services, contact us at info@aress.com

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