Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense
Posted on Apr 03, 2020
byPriyanka Roy (Business Development Consultant)

DIGITALIZATION is a life savior in this COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

If Doctors are saving our lives, then Digitalization is making our lives worth living safely.

With this massive outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, hitting the whole world hard and making human existence a challenge, being DIGITAL is the only healthy state that will help us survive.

Technology is coming to rescue with Digitalization at its best use spreading across web portals/mobile apps/data analytics/dashboards/reports. Every industry is redefining itself and is eager to take the help of technology to thrive & becoming digital.

  • Payments: Physical cash handling is being considered a major cause of concern for the risk of contamination. All apex authoritarian bodies of Banks across the globe are encouraging and pushing digital payments currently. As a result, Digital payment players have got a big boost on the back of concerns over coronavirus.
  • Healthcare: COVID-19 pandemic is truly reshaping healthcare with technology. Due to limitations of human intervention, this is the sector that is consuming technology at a massive scale to save lives. Patient health tracking software solutions for control of the deadly infection & prevention, Emergency Notification Software, Online Hospital Management & Appointment Scheduling Software/Systems, Nurse and Doctors rostering solutions, Online pharmacy stores for medicine ordering – all have shown an upward demand trend increasing by 146% from Feb 10th – 16th to March 16th – 31st 2020.
  • Media: News broadcasting/Reporting is another to benefit at an extensive scale. Since mid Feb’20 this industry is massively using Advanced Data Analytics/Business & Artificial Intelligence to explore and extract real-time data dashboards COVID-19 Coronavirus reports/maps/tracker for every country across the world to help visualize the outbreak cases. And continue to show us forecasting trends that are enabling us to take precautionary measures.
  • Networking/Entertainment: To help with social distancing need of the coronavirus quarantine mode - the average weekly downloads trends of gaming, business, entertainment apps have shown an upward moving trend. And due to work from home practice, even video digital networking apps have shown a similar trend for the working folks.
  • Education: In these times of lockdown, Coronavirus is keeping millions of kids/students out of schools/colleges and hindering their education. Hence all government and private institutions are taking steps for transferring their courses online which is making eLearning platforms/education apps popular.

Aress Software hence feels proud to be part of this technology world too and completely supports the cause and stands strong as an IT consulting company for anyone who’s looking out for any form of technology development assistance. Please feel free to contact us.

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