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Know why ‘Wearable Apps’ is taking Lion’s share of the Mobile App Development market!

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Posted on Sep 13, 2019
by Priyanka Roy ( Business Development Consultant)

Know why ‘Wearable Apps’ is taking Lion’s share of the Mobile App Development market!

Technology today transcends beyond just being a part of machines and complex systems and has now metamorphized as human wearables and implants. It is now finally a part of the human body and is augmenting the human physiology in ways un-thought of just a few years ago.

What drives these wearable gadgets is the tremendous power of software also referred to as “wearable apps”. These wearable apps give you meaningful and actionable data and reports which can sometimes help you make the best version of yourself.

The main control panel of any wearable device is a smart gadget which in most cases is the smartphone. Wearables Apps connects to the device hardware like its sensors, receivers etc. They collect required data from the hardware and with the help of the network they are connected into, they provide interesting and sometimes lifesaving information to the user.

Of the greatest infestation of this technology currently is in fashion, sports, wellness/dieting/fitness, healthcare sectors. Some real-world examples include Fitbit (one of the first such devices, which gave birth to the era of wearables in 2009), Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear. In fact, according to Statista, a leading German online portal for statistics, Wearable devices are expected to reach over $33 Billion by the end of 2019.

Our software and hardware experts at Aress Software have extensively worked with wearable devices and apps in the fitness and health industry. We can help you put together a complete package of hardware and software to bring to life your ideas of a wearable device. Feel free to reach out to us at to know more. Alternately, visit our Mobile App development service page.

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