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Aress assists customers in defining their artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and big data strategy and selecting the appropriate technology tools and processes to achieve their strategic business objectives. We offer vendor agnostic recommendations, implementation services, platforms and solutions that are tailor-made to customer’s existing technology landscape and goals. We enable customer organizations to establish a well-defined modern architecture, which helps yielding superior efficiency in their operational processes. Our data analytics and AI expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, cloud storage systems, mobility and other emerging technologies help organizations Harness the power of data & analytics to improve business outcomes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help automate repetitive tasks that previously required human efforts. In case of a change in process, a change in few lines of software code is always faster and cheaper than retraining hundreds of employees. Organizations today are increasingly adopting new age technologies like RPA to address various challenges they face such as increasing workforce efficiency, improving productivity operational cost reduction, minimizing human error. Aress has strong expertise in designing, developing, and implementing robotic process automation using UiPath, Blue Prism and with bespoke RPA solutions.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing (BI&DW) solutions continue to remain one of the most important business requirements for start-ups and enterprises alike. Aress delivers integrated BI&DW solutions that help accelerate decision making. These solutions are designed to enhance end-user value delivery through features like data discovery, intuitive data visualization, and self-service dashboards while helping businesses capitalize on the value hidden in data. At Aress, we believe a successful Business Intelligence/ Data warehouse strategy is not just about delivering the correct information, it is also about delivering quality information to the right people at the right time. And in today’s world of multiple devices, also at the right place.

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