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Posted on Aug 28, 2019
byPriyanka Roy (Business Development Consultant)

'Android Instant Apps'? - What they are really?

With the burgeoning number of apps on an average users’ phone, phone storage and the subsequent slowing down of phones has become a major concern of most smartphone users around the world. Besides this, increased fear of privacy and data loss also is becoming a major deterrent to users trying out new apps that sounds interesting.

Android Instant Apps is, therefore, a godsend for all such heavy app users. Instant Apps are apps that enable users to run or test the app without needing to install it on their phones.

This is how it’s made possible:

To enable an instant app, Android users must first opt into instant apps by selecting ‘Settings’, then ‘Google’, and then select ‘On’ under the instant app feature. End users will perform a Google search for their app. If the app offers an instant app version, then Android users can select a ‘Try it Now’ button that will open the instant app without installing it.

Essentially, when you click a link, Google Play checks if there’s an app that could open the link. It will open the link within the instant app (if available) if you don’t already have the app installed on your device. An instant app solely loads the parts of the app that are required to perform the current action.

To disable instant apps, open the Settings app. Go to Google>Instant Apps. Select the ‘None’ option and Instant Apps can be disabled.

Advantages of Instant Apps:

  1. They are accessible from anywhere and you don’t require to download and install on your Android devices. Hence, they don’t take up storage on the device and don’t consume that extra space in your phone’s memory.
  2. They are smaller in size when compared to regular mobile apps. These apps provide the basic functionalities of a website. Deliver a great user experience.
  3. They are a type of native mobile application.

You need Android 6.0 or higher to enjoy the feature of instant apps.

" Android instant apps are particularly powerful for eCommerce organizations and game developers. The New York Times created one of the 1st instant apps for its crossword game- https://www.nytimes.com/crosswords. Some other apps include BuzzFeed (buzzfeed.com), OneFootball (onefootball.com), Hollar (holler.com), Red Bull TV (redbull.com/int-en/discover), Wish (wish.com), Skyscanner (skyscanner.co.in). These companies have increased their conversion rate by over 20% by using the instant mobile application. "

Our developers at Aress Software say that instant apps are relatively easy to create. Some of our clients have already ordered these of us to offer along with their downloadable apps. We believe that Instant Apps will enhance your mobile apps ‘visibility and acceptability quotient’ to a greater extent. To know more on how we can help you with instant apps, please visit us or email us at info@aress.com

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