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Make your Apps Fly with ‘FLUTTER’ in 2020.

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Posted on Dec 31, 2019
by Priyanka Roy ( Business Development Consultant)

Make your Apps Fly with ‘FLUTTER’ in 2020.

Flutter has been around for a while with its 1st version code-named “Sky”, but it gained a lot of attention when Google promoted it in the Google I/O conference in 2017. It has since, taken off on the popularity charts.

Here’s why: You’ll be surprised to know that despite ‘Flutter’ being launched after 2 years of ‘React Native,’ which we all know is the leader in the cross-platform mobile app development space since the year 2015– it (‘Flutter’) registered nearly 81,200 Stars on GitHub, which is only marginally less than the 83,200 stars of ‘React Native’ on GitHub as of December 2019.

‘Flutter’ in comparison to all cross-platform mobile app technologies offers an excellent portable UI toolkit for building natively-compiled apps across mobile, web and desktop from a ‘SINGLE CODEBASE’.

‘Everything in Flutter is a Widget’ meaning it provides its own widgets with a rich set of testing features to test apps at unit and integration level. Indicating it isn’t dependent on the platform’s resource and creates its own UI and renders on its own. This is the reason its time-to-market length is typically much lower than any other native development and has the potential to create ‘Instant Apps’.

Faster apps - Flutter is literally said to be ‘The Perfect’ cross-platform tool as it develops mobile apps with a rapid speed, without compromising its quality and at a low cost comparatively. It is actually native (and not React Native native).

The credit here goes to the ‘Dart framework’ that Flutter uses, which has most of the components inbuilt so it’s bigger in size with the stated intent of being able to render consistently at 120 frames per second and often does not require the bridge to communicate with the native modules. 

Hence, Flutter is gaining immense popularity with passing time and winning the cross-platform mobile app development race as more and more companies are looking into it. Some of the top popular apps made with Flutter:

1. Xianyu app by Alibaba - (Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world!)

2. Hamilton app for Hamilton Musical - (official app for the Broadway Musical)

3. Google Ads app

4. App for JD Finance - (a leading digital technology company)

5. Reflectly app - (app for personal Journal/Diary)

6. Topline app by Abbey Road Studios

Flutter is now one of the top 20 active software repositories on GitHub (16th place as of December 11, 2019). Industry experts predict that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. We too at Aress Software strongly believe this, having executed many of our client’s cross-platform mobile development projects in FLUTTER and continue to embrace this for the year 2020. To know further, dive into & in case of help, I am at Happy Apping & New Year to all!! 

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