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Posted on Apr 26, 2019
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The future Web Development Platforms you should be aware of in 2019-20

Technology keeps changing every now and then. Many of the changes are unpredictable as well as variable. Latest advancements and major breakthroughs led to the digital revolution that still continues to set the trends with new technologies. People are always crazy to know about the things that are trending, to know about all the latest updates when it comes to technology.

If you are an organization looking for innovative ideas to make your business more fruitful, then you need to keep a track and need to follow the latest developmental trends.

Web Application Development by skilled developers can serve the clients in a better way. It is the creation of application programs in a client-server, and are delivered to the user's device over the Internet.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are web pages that appear like mobile applications for users. If they are preloaded on the device then the user can access them even without an internet connection. The users will get the feel of using an application rather than the website. The aim of these Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is to provide a native-like experience for the users on all platforms.

A Google report has stated that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if the web page takes more than three seconds to load. Progressive web apps solve this problem perfectly.

The new success measure - AMP

With the advancement of technology, a responsive web design approach has become the seed for growth. AMP is designed to enhance the overall performance of the website’s web content and ads, user experience, and website speed. The high appreciation from the people has made AMP stay for future prospects.


Companies are sure to lose if they have poor customer service. With Chatbots, the customer requirements can be addressed more effectively, and you can cater to their needs 24*7. Well, you can even save cost by reducing the manpower for the same.

Push Notifications will prevail

Push Notifications reaches out to a vast audience and thus helps to engage more users on your websites. In fact, this tool has become one of the most used ones for customer engagement, but, if you use it too much, it can have an adverse effect. Push Notifications help you to inform your customers about all your upcoming offers, deals and other important announcements on time.

Motion UI

The increased demand for effectual graphics, stunning animation, and real impact on the usability ratio will make Motion UI the most happening thing for any web development in 2019. It can show a seamless transition effect on the user interface and, also enables the developers to animate the content easily. In short, it helps a developer to share his story visually using a variety of tools & other techniques.


What is Blockchain? It is an open and shared record that has a secure design. It is designed to reduce the financial business cost, frequency of transaction settlements, to improve the flow of cash backed up by clear records/data. It follows a strict treaty.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the computer protection systems against theft, service agitation or misdirection on hardware, software or any electronic data damages. The increased data breaches, cyber threats, website hacking, and data theft will never let Cybersecurity disappear any soon.

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