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Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile Application Development Company

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Mobile device usage has had a huge impact on the global economy. It has changed the way people communicate and shop and has created new methods for accessing information and conducting transactions. It has also enabled companies to operate more efficiently, with new and more efficient methods of delivering goods and services. Additionally, it has helped drive global economic growth, has connected people and businesses around the world, and has opened new markets for businesses to monetize. Mobile device usage has also enabled people to keep in touch with friends and family, access global news at any given time, and even fuel social movements and revolutions.

We help businesses design, develop, deploy, and manage custom mobile apps for their customers, partners, and employees. Our Mobile Application Development services help businesses to create mobile experiences that are tailored to their individual needs and goals.

We have been building mobile apps for over 10 years now. We have a large dedicated mobile application development business unit, which is constantly delivering mobile and tablet apps in the latest versions on iOS and Android platforms as well as using cross-platform development tools such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Kotlin etc. We have been developing mobile apps for many years with the breadth of our expertise extending to communications protocols (Bluetooth, GPRS and Near Field Communication) and messaging services (SMS, MMS). We are now a committed mobile app development company focused exclusively on enterprise mobility and consumer-oriented apps.

The domains we have expertise in are

  • Business apps
  • Calendar and address book apps
  • Healthcare, health and lifestyle apps
  • Supply chain management apps
  • Digital publishing apps
  • Location app
  • Entertainment apps
  • Mobile messaging apps
  • Games engines
  • Apps utilizing GPS and LBS (Location Based Services)
  • Apps integrating with third-party APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Calendar.

Mobile Application Development Platforms

Our iOS application development service provides the development, testing, and deployment of custom iOS applications. Our services include concept development, user experience/interface design, development using Swift/Objective-C, back-end development, automated testing, application store submission, user feedback/metrics, and on-going maintenance. Solutions may integrate with existing systems or be tailored to new projects or initiatives. Our services are aimed at improving customer engagement, leveraging sales, marketing, operational efficiency, identify and capture new service or revenue streams.

Take a glimpse at our portfolio to get a feel of our iOS App development expertise and domain experience.

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At Aress, we take pride in providing world-class Android App Development services. Our team of experienced Android developers is adept at creating custom apps to meet your business needs. Our expertise in native Android app development, Android Wear development, and Android TV development ensures that your app is built using the latest technology. Android’s open-source platform gives us the flexibility to create high-quality apps that are tailored to the needs of your business.

Take a glimpse at our portfolio to get a feel of our Android App development expertise and domain experience.

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Cross-Platform App Development is a service that involves developing applications that are specifically designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. This type of development requires the use of a particular platform, such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin, Xamarin, that can be used to code the same application for both platforms while utilizing the same native graphics packages. Cross-platform development allows for the development of a single product that can run across multiple platforms, significantly decreasing development time and cost. Additionally, it can ensure that the same features, performance, and functionality are available on both Android and iOS versions of an app. This service also includes a complete stack of the components necessary for deployment, such as test automation, crash analytics, scalability, etc.

Take a glimpse at our portfolio to get a feel of our Cross-Platform App development expertise and domain experience.

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Java/J2EE development is a highly complex process that requires a substantial amount of knowledge, experience and dedication. Java/J2EE software applications are powerful, reliable, and secure. We at Aress care about customers' investments in development projects and provide a variety of Java programming and Java development services concerning Java architecture & framework, JavaMail and Applets within your budget.

Take a glimpse at our portfolio to get a feel of our iOS App development expertise and domain experience.

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