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Reimagining 2021 In Light Of 2020

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Posted on Nov 13, 2020
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

Reimagining 2021 In Light Of 2020

Since March 2020, the Business world has witnessed extreme difficulties due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Strategies and forecasts put forth by companies have taken a toss, leaving a long-lasting impact on the global economy as well as on the well-being of the people directly or indirectly associated with them. While some businesses are slowly trying to get back on track and make up for the incurred losses, situations still seem uncertain for many.

Almost many businesses have written down this year and have started to plan for the new normal that they are likely to see in 2021. So, the pertinent question of whether a turnaround next year is possible, is what haunts many.

The answer is yes. Business owners, CXOs and management personnel can invest this time in redefining their business strategies and possibly source funds to invest in technology that can not only help them cover their losses in 2020, but even give them a leg up over competition in 2021.

At Aress, we are already talking to several businesses in terms of understanding their current situation, analyzing their future needs and accordingly channelizing our efforts in helping them meet their business objectives. Below are some of the points that you could consider for your own 2021 strategy –

Redefining Marketing Strategies
Perhaps the culmination of technological advancement lies in effective marketing automation processes. Not only does marketing automation tools play an important role in automating various tedious and non-productive tasks, it also helps you connect with your customers at various touchpoints, thus improving the rate of conversion. CRM systems such as Salesforce provide marketing automation with the help of Marketing Cloud and Pardot, that are widely used by businesses on a global scale. With the help of such tools, businesses can save several hours of manual work in carrying out marketing campaigns, creating customer journeys, and providing the required information leading to a faster sale.

Updating The Web Presence
As every second person prefers to check a company’s website before sharing his requirements, it becomes imperative for a business’s website to give the consumer a rich user experience. Not only should the website be informative, but it should also give the user answers to his queries in the easiest and fastest way possible. This user experience can become even more effective, if the website is complimented with a mobile app, as the world is slowly moving towards mobility and users prefer to get information on-the-go.

Use Of Chatbots
Chatbots have gained immense popularity in recent times, keeping in mind the importance of providing real-time information and having an effective lead conversion ratio. Chatbots not only provide a 24x7 customer support on your website/mobile app, but it even helps in creating a rich reputation of your business from the user’s perspective as it speaks about your inclination towards technology adoption. Apart from the financial benefits, Chatbots help streamline your business operations and automate various mundane tasks. In case of non-business hours, a fully functional Chatbot can seamlessly communicate with the user, provide them the information they need, and automatically store the required details in a CRM system, for the relevant personnel to take the discussion ahead.

Use Of Analytics
Finally, businesses can leverage the power of Analytics to get insights into sales, marketing, and operational performances. Business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau can be used to create meaningful dashboards and visualizations. It provides a convenient option to optimize data management and depict forecasted vs actual outputs, leading to improved decision making.

Aress Software, as an AI, Analytics, Automation and software development house, has successfully delivered more than 2000 projects and continues to serve businesses on a global scale. Our experts get to grips with your systems and assist you in every step of your digital transformation journey. Contact us at to know more.

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