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5 ways to improve customer service with ServiceNow CSM

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Posted on Sep 06, 2021
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

5 ways to improve customer service with ServiceNow CSM

With the ever-changing dynamics of the business world and customers being kept at the forefront of every service, it becomes imperative for organizations to understand how they can keep on providing efficient customer service with the help of technology.

Having just a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in place is no longer good enough for organizations focused on engaging and connecting with their customers in real-time. They also need a tool that can use both dynamic and static data to create intelligent workflows and improve customer service.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) is a set of tools designed to track and connect customer interactions. With the help of CSM, ServiceNow manages the customer experience associated with the engagement channel or type of interaction.

According to the 2021 Gartner Market Share report, ServiceNow’s share in the global customer service and support market increased to 75.6% since last year. Companies like Vodafone, NHS, Airbus, Coca-Cola, and 7-Eleven are tapping the power of ServiceNow to deliver next-generation experiences for their employees and customers.

Here is a quick guide on how the ServiceNow CSM module helps businesses solve some of the critical customer service issues:

Problems that necessitate the need for ServiceNow CSM

  • It's tough to pinpoint the source of a problem when business processes are incoherent.
  • Requests for service come in via a variety of unconnected engagement channels.
  • Manual processes are inefficient and lack transparency.
  • Customer experiences are inconsistent because of multiple engagement channels.
  • Customer and agent discontent is caused by a lack of self-service choices.

Introduction to ServiceNow CSM
As defined by ServiceNow, "ServiceNow CSM goes beyond traditional solutions to elevate your customer service from issue to resolution." It resolves complicated challenges by involving other departments in determining the root cause of problems, creating end-to-end, long-term solutions, thereby increasing product quality.

5 ways that ServiceNow CSM Revolutionizes Customer Service

  1. Omnichannel Customer Support
    ServiceNow CSM automates service requests and combines the request raising and resolution process across numerous channels such as chatbots, mobile apps, voice assistants, portals, and more, to provide new and dynamic customer support solutions.
  2. Reduced Resolution Time
    By cooperating with several siloed departments, ServiceNow CSM conducts a cross-company investigation, identifies the root cause of the customer issue, and provides the necessary resolution in the quickest way possible.
  3. Personalized Channels
    Varying customers can have varying requests and experiences across varying channels. ServiceNow CSM enables businesses to provide personalized customer service and experiences. This increases the business’s capability to offer a more tailored service across all devices. This becomes achievable using self-service options and automated resolution processes with the help of virtual agents or chatbots.
  4. AI-Enabled Customer Trend Analysis
    AI for ServiceNow CSM provides users with intelligent dashboards showcasing consumer behavior in relation to products and services. It also helps to detect the origin of customer issues, inspect the case, and provide timely resolutions to avoid further delay. Using Operational Intelligence, the ServiceNow platform can proactively detect risk and notify users about how to mitigate it in advance. Performance analytics integrated into ServiceNow CSM can assist in locating common issues that can be automated by providing deeper insights into service trends.
  5. Improved Customer Relationship
    With the help of ServiceNow CSM, businesses can procure help from multiple business groups within the organization, as well as partners and customers in real-time, with better visibility and accountability. This results in robust end-to-end customer service.

As a Specialist Partner with ServiceNow, Aress has been driving growth and excellence for its customers across multiple industry verticals. With a team of certified ServiceNow consultants, we are helping organizations transform their customer service management practices by providing ServiceNow implementation and admin support services. Feel free to drop me a line at in case of any questions.

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