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5 Reasons Why ServiceNow Is Your Best ITOM Partner

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Posted on Oct 07, 2021
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

5 Reasons Why ServiceNow Is Your Best ITOM Partner

The goal of IT operations management (ITOM) is for an organization's IT operations to become more reliable, efficient, and productive. ITOM comprises of several services, processes, and best practices that a business incorporates. ServiceNow IT Operations Management allows businesses to save on infrastructure and enhance resources while reducing the impact of human error.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management has helped businesses enhance their cloud strategy by providing services like ongoing service health check, outage prevention through proactive measures, detailed impact analysis of failures, cost-effective approach to cloud resource provisioning, and several other automation possibilities. With the help of this, businesses can gain end-to-end visibility into their services and underlying infrastructure, that has further helped boost service delivery.

ServiceNow ITOM simplifies IT Operations Management by offering automated solutions and service model capabilities that provide ultimate accountability for the IT infrastructure. Below are some of the benefits that a business can reap out of ServiceNow ITOM –

Enhanced Service Visibility During Change

ServiceNow's ITOM platform provides centralized management of all enterprise infrastructure and services. The result is that organizations can improve the quality of service, enhance change processes, decrease risk, optimize infrastructure expenditure, and eliminate the challenges inherent to software compliance.

Enhanced Service Availability

ServiceNow ITOM automates IT operations and starts remediation activities so that businesses are able to address service interruptions before they become a big operational hinderance.

Speedy Analysis and Reduced Resolution Time

ServiceNow ITOM can save employees time and money by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone activities, and AI-based IT operations (AIOps) can assist with preventing service disruptions. Utilizing the above two factors will reduce resolution time by using relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data.

Enhanced Reporting

ServiceNow ITOM has increased access to data and reporting, leading to better business decisions and compliance. Businesses cannot afford to have disconnected systems and unnecessary noise obstructing their decision-making processes. It is imperative that organizations act quickly and intelligently when facing service disruptions before they negatively impact their clientele or business.

Added Service Visibility with Machine Learning

Using predictive and machine learning algorithms, ServiceNow ITOM provides deep analytics about service delivery efficiencies, identifies infrastructure problems, and even recommends self-healing solutions.

At Aress Software, we have highly skilled resources and expertise to implement, customize, manage and to support ServiceNow Modules of ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and HRSD. We have good experience in implementation of ServiceNow solutions across different sectors, as we understand the exact needs and can provide tailored solutions to meet specific business objectives. Write to me at and I will be happy to arrange a call to discuss your questions and requirements.

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