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AI, Advanced Analytics & Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a critical & disruptive component of every organization’s technology roadmap. Broader goals behind such a roadmap could include making products better, making processes more efficient, making services more beneficial & profitable. Organizations need capabilities to design and deploy new tools and specific technologies that are at the heart of data analytics in general and AI in specific to tap into the hidden potential of available data.
Here is a short list of such areas:

  • Image Recognition
    and Processing

  • Machine

  • Natural Language

  • Speech

  • Chatbots

  • Predictive
    and Prescriptive

  • Big Data

When contemplating a new venture into AI and/or machine learning, organizations need to take on a few important considerations that relate to talent, existing data, and limitations. At Aress, we have been helping our customers in identifying appropriate use cases for application of data analytics and AI, successfully run pilot project and get into the larger implementation of AI use case in production. Few of the organizations we are interacting with are undertaking a due diligence exercise to assess new business demands, study current state & available data, prioritize technology application areas, determine changes needed, seek recommendations to choose best-fit technology option and plan phased implementation.

AI Based Solutions Developed by Aress

Aress has developed a few ready-to-deploy data analytics and AI models and solutions. These AI powered solutions make use of OCR, NLP techniques, TensorFlow framework along with Keras libraries to improve business-wide process automation and make products, services better. Please see the below documents to know more about these solutions.

AI powered Receipt
AI powered Resume
AI Powered Invoice
Recognition & Processing

AI Powered Conversational Chatbot

Aress provides a wide range of high-quality services in AI Powered Chatbot design, development & deployment for industries including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Banking and Non-Banking Finance, Insurance, Retail & E-commerce. The chatbots we develop can help in generating larger number of leads at a faster pace giving a staggering boost to your website traffic conversion rates. Thereby, helping your organization in better customer engagement & saving time and money as these Chatbots work 24/7, communicating with your clients 365 days a year.

We develop and deploy AI Powered Chatbots for web, mobile and all other major messaging platforms. We provide a full range of co-creation services, working with you to develop a concept, design and test the product in an iterative manner. Our machine learning and NLP experience help in further enhancing the chatbot and creating a rich user experience.

Example of a Chatbot developed by Aress for food service industry: Please see

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