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How Pardot Accelerates Growth For Non-Profits

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Posted on Dec 22, 2020
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

How Pardot Accelerates Growth For Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations have a completely different method of communicating with their communities as compared to for-profit businesses. Operations such as fund-raising, event management, donor management are crucial aspects of their inimitable missions.

However, with changing market dynamics it has become crucial for non-profits to have a CRM system in place, integrated with a marketing automation tool. This helps them achieve greater potential in terms of amplifying the volume of their donors, volunteers and supporters quicker

Pardot (, the B2B Marketing Automation tool by Salesforce, has helped Non-profits achieve their business goals in the most effective and interactive way. Pardot has proved a boon for Non-profits looking to automate funding operations, such as reaching out to potential donors at the right time, creating intuitive marketing content, and analyzing the success of fundraising campaigns.

Let’s look at how Pardot has revolutionized the way Non-profits operate -

Personalized Templates
Non-profits carry out various campaigns to reach out to their supporters and donors. These campaigns may involve multiple touchpoints, such as emails, landing pages, etc. Pardot helps Non-profits create customized templates that reflect their brand to give their supporters an intuitive user experience. Consider the case of a potential supporter or a volunteer registering through your website. With the help of Pardot, you can send branded templates with specific content regarding your fundraising activities or upcoming events, straight from Salesforce.

Automated Journeys
Once a user has been identified as a potential supporter/volunteer, Non-profits can leverage the power of Pardot to create personalized customer journeys with the help of Engagement Studio.

Engagement studio is a visual workflow builder in Pardot that allows automation of a sequence of activities, based on some evaluating criteria. For example, based on the collected data from a volunteer, automated email templates can be triggered through Pardot from time to time, thus allowing volunteer coordinators to focus on optimizing upcoming campaigns and other productive tasks.

Donor Scoring & Grading
There is no doubt about the fact that Donors form the backbone of every Non-profit organization. Without them, the day-to-day operations of a Non-profit may take a serious hit, leading to huge losses. But it is also equally important to analyze if a prospective donor is a perfect fit or not.

With the help of Pardot’s Scoring & Grading feature, Non-profit businesses can identify the most potential donors out of the lot, leading to better productivity. Scoring indicates how engaged the person is with your organization; whereas Grading indicates how well the donor meets your ideal donor profile. Indicators such as wealth score, job profile, and geographic presence determines the donor’s grade. The levels of these indicators can very well be customized to drive better results for the business.

With the help of real-time sync with Salesforce, details to every donation received from every donor are present to draw reports and dashboards and determine key business matrices.

Easy Syncing With Salesforce
Along with the automation that Pardot provides, it is equally necessary that it receives the data it needs, quickly and effectively. Fetching data from clunky spreadsheets can be a cumbersome task for a person, taking up a lot more of their time.

With the help of ready connectors, Pardot can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to create a real-time sync, that helps in exporting and importing of new records between the two platforms. This enables your team to spend more time in creating intuitive content rather than indulging in time-consuming admin tasks. Pardot also provides ready forms that can be embedded onto your website. These forms can capture supporter and volunteer details and enter the data directly into Salesforce, providing the contact team with all the relevant information before they begin prospecting.

Impact Reporting
Non-profits are generally low on budgets, when it comes to expenses on operations. The market research and development teams need to be on their toes to analyze the response from every campaign, event and marketing activity. The management, on the other hand, needs to know the ROI from these activities and also understand who their top donors are, through meaningful reports and dashboards.

Pardot reporting aims at showcasing the analysis of every marketing activity that led to a prospect showing interest in participating as a volunteer or a constituent. Reports on queries such as – How many times was the link, that had details to your fundraising event, opened? What is it that the prospect found interesting on your website? What was the result of the online/offline event that the prospect attended? Pardot also fetches data from Salesforce to showcase reports on current Vs historic donations received, number of donors per state/region, etc. to give a 360-degree holistic view of the business.

Considering the above points, Pardot serves as the ideal marketing automation tools for Non-profits looking to accelerate their growth and to give their constituents a better user experience. Aress, as a Silver Consulting Partner with Salesforce, has successfully delivered several Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) and Pardot projects. Our experienced implementation team has deep business and technical competencies, making us the go-to partner for many of our customers.

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