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8 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Progressive Web App

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Posted on Nov 02, 2021
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

8 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Progressive Web App

With the introduction of Progressive Web apps, many businesses have started to employ this technology to deliver a more engaging user experience and engage with their target audience more comprehensively. As a result, PWA development services are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a fusion of a website and a mobile app. It's a website that functions and looks like a native app. It's fast, sends push alerts, works offline, and can be added to your phone's home screen.

A PWA, unlike a native app, is a hybrid approach of developing a platform that functions as both an app and a website. PWAs cannot be downloaded from an app store. They are, nevertheless, as quick, and simple to use as native apps. PWAs appear to be a good answer for sellers expecting higher conversions because mobile phones are the key traffic source, especially for ecommerce stores while keeping a lid on the development costs.


  1. Reduces The Amount of Time and Money Spent On Development
    Because PWAs are built on reusable code, developers may reuse them over and over. Whereas, to construct an app, you'll need distinct code for each platform. Furthermore, to gain approval from both platforms' reviewers, your program must meet specified requirements. If you want to target two groups with devices that run on different operating systems, you'll need to put in more work, money, time, and resources.
  2. Extensive Marketing Potential
    Search engines are tweaking their voice-based searches in modest ways. Sellers, too, should fine-tune their skills. Even if an app is available on the app stores, PWA is a terrific SEO strategy that an app cannot manage. Because PWA is a native site, it instantly enhances searchability.
  3. Helps To Close the Gap Between Customers and Merchants
    Users do not need to download an app to use a Progressive Web App. As a result, it reduces the cognitive strain that consumers often experience while downloading apps. The current tendency is to keep a small number of mobile apps because users have limited storage capacity on their phones. Users dislike adding more apps to their phones if they already have a large number of them. Having a lot of apps on your phone slows it down and clogs it up. As a result, mobile-first organizations are adopting PWAs at a fast rate.
  4. Data & Storage Space Are Conserved
    Users always preserve their internet and data expenditures. PWAs are saviors for ecommerce businesses in this regard. When an app takes up 50MB of storage space in the phone memory, a PWA takes up only a few MBs.
  5. Responsiveness & Flexibility
    Progressive Web Apps' flexibility and responsiveness may influence your decision. The layout of PWAs is responsive. As a result, no matter what device you use, the design of your website must be compatible with its resolution and size. A positive user experience boosts online sales and keeps more potential customers. Flexibility works well with the mobile-first strategy when it comes to catering to the preferences of your target mobile audience. Mobile-responsive websites have more opportunities to attract and engage users.
  6. Simple To Care For
    Assume you need to create separate apps for the iOS and Play Stores. In that situation, you may need to invest a significant amount of money to hire a developer for an extended length of time, as an app requires constant monitoring, regular error corrections, and upgrading. PWAs, on the other hand, save money and can be upgraded by determining their requirements for different browsers.
  7. Higher User Adoption
    Users must first install an application before they can utilize it. This involves a step in the online purchasing process. As a result, the conversion rate is lower. Users do not need to download any apps when using PWAs. All they must do is click on the website link and follow the instructions on the device screen.
  8. Secure Payments
    One of the benefits PWA offers eCommerce businesses is security. The concept of online purchasing is unquestionably more appealing to people. However, lengthy, and inconvenient check-out processes may deter people from completing an online purchase and abandoning their shopping carts. Buyers may enjoy secure and quick payments thanks to the Payment Request API's connection with a browser. This payment method does not require a check-out form, which allows customers to complete their transaction quickly.

For eCommerce businesses that seek to enhance mobile conversions, starting with Progressive Web Apps is the ideal solution. Because the web giants are dominating the industry with PWAs, every mobile-driven business must seize this opportunity. As a result, this is excellent news for any eCommerce business owner. Simply said, PWA is a developing strength in the creation of eCommerce websites. If you want to create a PWA-enabled online store, hire a PWA specialist development company and explain your requirements for improving your online functionality.

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