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Digital Tools Helping Mankind in COVID-19 Crisis

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Posted on Apr 06, 2020
by Amol Gavai ( Vice President – Business Development)

Digital Tools Helping Mankind in COVID-19 Crisis

In COVID-19 crisis, digitization is seen as the driving force across businesses and economy.

The businesses who have invested in emerging digital technologies such as business conferencing tools, e-commerce solutions, digital learning, VR-based training, and business apps are supporting their remote workers, employees, and consumers to remain engaged and do business.

HTC recently conducted its first Virtual "VIVE Ecosystem Conference" (V²EC) fully in Virtual Reality allowing global attendees to join virtual sessions. Approximately 2000 participants from over 55 countries attended this event. Speakers, in the form of their own custom VR avatars, interacted with the audience. This event would have been cancelled otherwise.

With travel restrictions and office lockdowns, cloud meetings via video conferencing solutions have helped companies to minimize the business losses. Zoom, a cloud conferencing solutions provider, added more monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020 than in all of 2019.

My son who is a school going kid, is receiving his educational classes via Zoom meetings now-a-days.

Some countries have used drones to carry test kits and medical supplies, cutting delivery time and improving response time for medical authorities. South Korea and China have used drones to spray disinfecting chemicals. Drones with thermal imaging technology were used in China to detect people with fever/flu symptoms. In India, drones are being used as security measure by authorities to keep an eye on the streets to observe law and order.  

Chatbot tools are being used by healthcare professionals to interact with patients remotely. BBDO Guerrero is association with the National Union of Journalists and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility developed a Facebook chatbot to identify and remove fake news in the Philippines, where 98% of the population uses Facebook as their primary source of information.

Researchers in the US are using natural language processing-based AI platform to find relevant scientific information from the ocean of COVID-19 related data to address this pandemic.

Aress Software , a growing digital technology company is developing similar customised digital tools for its customers who are investing their ideas and resources. Please feel free to contact if you have any such ideas and we can work under non-disclosure agreement with you to develop them. 

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