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Why should you consider moving to MS Business Central?

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Posted on Oct 03, 2022
by Amol Gavai ( Vice President – Business Development)

Why should you consider moving to MS Business Central?

Two decades ago, Microsoft acquired ERP Software systems, Great Plains and Navision. Subsequently, they were enhanced, scaled up, and today we know them as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With the trend to move everything to cloud, Microsoft launched a cloud-based ERP - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central recently. This seems to be the chosen ERP app that Microsoft will build and expand on in the coming years.

Microsoft has a loyal set of over 150,000 happy customers who still use GP and NAV. Although, Microsoft has promised to release three updates per year till 2024 and may be even beyond that date, it is not likely to support GP or NAV for much longer. Hence, at some point, the GP and NAV users may need to migrate to MS Dynamics Business Central. Given that, perhaps, it is time to shift from your on-premises ERP systems to the cloud. Cloud-based solutions offer greater benefits over on-premises solutions for obvious reasons. Microsoft would hate to lose its happy and loyal customers, so strategically, they must be taking appropriate steps to make this migration financially more attractive and easier for them.

Why move to MS Business Central?

  • Improved security and enabling compliance
  • Reduced costs by retiring 3rd party software apps and maintenance of older systems.
  • MS Business Central comes with native integrations to popular third-party cloud applications.
  • Advanced analytics for deeper insights using MS Power BI.
  • Improved User experience - immediate improvements in financial reporting, inventory control, and manufacturing operations.
  • Cloud-based applications can be accessed using any browser-enabled device connected to internet. Also, they are responsive to any screen size and dimensions of the device used.
  • Benefit from the integration of Business Central to the Microsoft family of Cloud productivity applications such as - Office 365, Outlook, Teams, MS Dynamics CRM, SharePoint.
  • Upgrading an on-premises solution can be time consuming and expensive. Being a cloud solution, MS Business Central can get the automatic online upgrades, bug fixes from Microsoft.
  • MS Business central is more feature rich than its predecessors.

If you are interested in transitioning to Dynamics 365 Business Central, working with a qualified Microsoft Partner like Aress, will enable you to enjoy smooth processes and quick integration of your operations.

Making the move is not a simple click of a button. Working with an experienced partner like Aress will be of huge benefit. We work with many Dynamics GP and NAV customers and are involved in helping them to transition to the MS Dynamics Business Central in the cloud. Aress can work with you in adopting a Hybrid approach to the migration if you feel you are interested in seeing what the cloud has to offer but want to retain some of your existing functionality of Dynamics GP.

We are ready when you are. Please write to me at to know more.

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