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Doing Business More Smartly with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

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Posted on Dec 15, 2020
by Amol Gavai ( Vice President – Business Development)

Doing Business More Smartly with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics, earlier known as Wave, is a cloud-based platform that can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM products for fetching data from multiple sources, creating interactive views of that data and sharing those views in Salesforce CRM apps. It also adds AI capabilities, allowing advanced and real-time reporting on top of the existing Salesforce apps such as Sales, service, community, marketing, and commerce cloud modules.

Salesforce Einstein Tools

  • Einstein Discovery - Allows the Salesforce CRM admins to create advanced reports and dashboards on Salesforce data that involve real-time tracking of data.
  • myEinstein – It enables one to create multiple custom data analysis units based on defined logics/rules and triggers expected behaviour/actions based on the rules within a Salesforce org.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder (Pilot) – It allows one to define one’s own analysis model at field level by defining tracking parameters for the fields created in a Salesforce org.
  • Einstein Bots (pilot) - It allows one to design, build, train and deploy chat and voice Bots to enhance user experience and automate business processes.
  • Einstein Language – It’s a Salesforce Text analysis tool to perform the intent and sentiment analysis on texts created from CRM process.

Einstein can help businesses get smarter and more predictive about customer behaviour -

  • Lead & Opportunity scoring engine can give Sales department a view of how strong a given lead/opportunity is before they start working on a deal. Also, since Einstein keeps a track of real time developments - details like Customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and company updates on an opportunity, deal closure probability can be predicted more accurately.
  • Service function can become proactive by resolving cases before they happen.
  • Einstein provides recommendations based on real-time track on emails sent to customers/ prospects and website-based communications, thus helping marketing personnel to create/define predictive customer journeys and personalised experiences.
  • When used with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Einstein can provide user behaviour specific offerings on products, product bundles, and deals by leveraging Customer persona specific Cart analysis.
  • IT department can create smarter apps for employees and customers using Salesforce Einstein.

Please see some of the use cases for Salesforce Einstein and how it has helped businesses do better :!page=1.

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