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Posted on Jul 30, 2018
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5 Trends that are Redefining the Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have rapidly evolved to become an indispensable affair for a successful business today. Like any other sector, mobile app development has also gotten it into certain qualifying degrees, to ensure extensive success. Want to know what’s trending in mobile development this year?

Check out the five most fascinating lineaments, listed below:

  1. Blockchain Technology: Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Only because of him, we’ve now redefined the mobile payments.

    Thus, there has been an upsurge in blockchain based payment apps, such as Gliph, Fold, BitPay. This trending and intriguing technology continue to gain good press this 2018.

    There are two major traits of blockchain technology - Unalterable and Openness.

    Block stores transaction information in the form of blocks. This information is unalterable unless in the sense that it can only be modified when other subsequent blocks also get modified. But, if this were to happen the entire network undergoes collision.

    The openness of this information is luring businesses as it provides utmost transparent access to the blockchain.

    Many businesses have already invested in blockchain related mobile app development services and govt. companies are to follow suit too.

  2. Age of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence in mobile app development is very well rooted. It has introduced many mobile app features such as recommendation engines, behavioral targeting, personalized experience etc.

    Apart from these, Chatbots are also enabled in a few mobile apps already. Chatbots are an AI tool that can have human-like conversations with the app users. There definitely a market in the chatbot- AI industry for businesses. If not chatbots, the companies will synchronize their native apps with Facebook messenger bot.

    The current audience response for AI in mobile apps is slowly building up for this new age concept. They might certainly replace human in the customer service domain in the near future, says Forrester.

    Due to low operational costs and enhanced productivity, AI and machine learning are making a mark in healthcare and automobile industry.

  3. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality, although rooted in 2014 has earmarked its presence last year when Google and Apple launched ARCorenadARKit. Seems like this trend is not going to die anytime soon.

    One can use these robust platforms in mobile app development to create augmented reality based apps for mobile devices.

    Business is ready to invest in custom mobile app development to roll out creative AR based apps for a compelling user experience.

    Apart from the gaming industry, AR is now currently infiltrating social media. One such platform where AR is being used is Snapchat, causing an exaggerated user engagement. Instagram is also well equipped with AR basics.

  4. Voice-based: Voice-based apps like Google home amazon echo and Siri has revolutionized the text to voice search world. Users are excited to use this technology as it simplifies their life. This is definitely trending this year too.

  5. Wearables and IoT: Wearable apps and IoT devices are becoming mainstream, as we’d anticipated. Wearables, alone can provide stand-alone features and but they still require mobile app development services for support (eg. calling).

    When you mix IoT in custom app development, you can create wearable apps/devices for education, smart health and automotive.

    Wearable apps will explode considering the Apple price constraint cut off and influence IOT on app development market.

To Summarize:

The features mentioned above are trending this year and surely redefine the mobile app development industry in the future. If you have any more trending features to add to the list, write in the comment section.

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