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5 Major Technology Trends in Healthcare Today

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Posted on Sep 30, 2019
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5 Major Technology Trends in Healthcare Today

Healthcare as we know is rapidly changing and for the better. Healthcare providers today such as doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, and clinics need to be able to exchange data and ever more importantly allow patients to access their data across the healthcare ecosystem.

1. TeleMedicine – According to Mediapost, 74% of millennials would pick a virtual visit via telemedicine vs an in-person appointment. 60% support the use of telehealth to replace in-office visits.

2. AI & Data Visualization – Artificial intelligence is currently the most talked about technology since the “cloud.” Healthcare is generating so much data daily, which they really do not know what to do with, and hospitals. The initial push to collect all this financial, consumer, and organizational data, but now there is a huge need to understand and utilize this data to offer improved care and reduced costs. Hospitals are turning more and more to artificial intelligence to do this.

3. Wearable Devices – This technology and trend is just starting to take off for “remote patient monitoring.” This technology allows physicians to track medical and health-related information form their patients. This market is current around $17 billion and expect to rise to $31 billion by 2023.

4. Cloud Computing – The Salesforce Health Cloud is making it easier to engage patients on any device and collaborate with fellow care givers, services agents and the patients themselves. It can consolidate all this information into a single dashboard and track the patient’s progress via their Health Timeline.

5. Video Marketing – In a study by Cisco, it is estimated that over 8% of all mobile traffic will be video. Apps like TikTok are a great way for personalizing the health brand you are promoting and a real differentiator for establishing trust and relatability.

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