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Cloud app development implies building apps that run in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud vendors.

Cloud application development services we provide are performed by our team of highly qualified, skilled and hardworking professionals. With over a decade of experience in cloud-based app development, we deliver solutions that cater for the diverse requirements of our clients.

We have gained extensive expertise in providing full-cycle our cloud application development services.

Amazon cloud application development
Microsoft Azure cloud application development
Cloud computing architecture development
Migration to Cloud
SaaS development

Why do businesses increasingly opt for Cloud?

99.98% Service availability
10-40% Operational costs
15-30% Higher development and
support staff productivity
96% Of businesses experience
a significant upgrade in
3-4x Faster launch of
new features

Process We Follow


  • Structuring and elaborating on your high-level software idea.
  • Suggesting innovative feature ideas based on the analysis your needs/software idea.

Cloud App Planning

  • Drawing up high-level functional and technical requirements to software.
  • Eliciting business needs and concerns regarding existing and desired business process flows.
  • Defining a “killer feature” for an MVP to get an advantage on the market.
  • Defining Out-of-the-box functionality. Deciding on a customization and integration approach.

Cloud App Dev Project Planning

  • A product development and management roadmap with a release plan and a prioritized features list.

Cloud App Architecture Design

  • Detailing cloud app architecture that meets availability, performance, security, portability, etc. objectives.
  • Choosing an optimal tech stack.
  • Ensuring compliance of the app's architecture with industry regulations (HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS).
  • Designing a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud App UI/UX Design

  • Designing UI mock-ups.
  • UX research.
  • Planning UX with a view to higher conversion from trial or free version to paid users, better up-selling services and subscription options, higher retention.
  • Designing/redesigning UX.

Cloud App Development

  • Back-end development.
  • Front-end development.
  • Integrations with other software.
  • Designing a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.

Cloud App QA

  • Test planning.
  • Regular code reviews.
  • Unit testing.
  • Conducting functional, integration, regression, exploratory, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing. Test automation.
  • Release testing in case of iterative development.

Cloud App Support and Evolution

  • Cloud application administration.
  • Cloud application monitoring.
  • L1 - L3 cloud application support.
  • For products: experimenting with features to find what really works (using A/B testing and other fact-based methods).

Our Approach

Incremental development in small sprints

  • We deliver in increments and provide major releases each 2-3 weeks and daily minor releases for you to track project progress, get real user feedback early, and focus on what’s truly matters. In 1-2 months, you get a ready-to-use MVP – a first software version of high quality.

Clear development standards

To simplify software maintainability and accelerate the development process, we offer:

  • Ample coding documentation.
  • Standardized and optimized software architecture.
  • A proven set of development practices, tools, and controls (e.g., code review processes).
  • A well-established development methodology.

Shift-left approach to testing

  • To improve the testing process efficiency and overall software quality, we involve test engineers in the clarification and prioritization of application requirements, include developers in the software validation process, start active testing at the API level, and more.

A high level of automation

  • We automate software integration, testing, and deployment for the high quality of fast releases.

Domain knowledge

  • Domain knowledge helps our BAs and software developers to understand business needs deeper, create better solutions to meet them, and reduce re-work.

Skilled developers

  • We promote skill upgrades among our developers so that they can solve problems faster and create less complex and more efficient solutions.

Experienced project managers and well-defined communication plan

  • Our PMs professionally bridge the gap between business and complex, cross-functional, distributed teams and take the role of a single point of contact to make the projects run smoother and faster.

Self-managed cross-functional teams

  • Our teams can include a Team Lead, developers, DevOps engineers, testers, BAs, and designers. The teams are trained to work independently and take full responsibility for the software feature implementation.

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