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Why businesses are banking big on Machine Learning?

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Posted on Sep 11, 2019
by Dev Kumbhare ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

Why businesses are banking big on Machine Learning?

With Artificial Intelligence making a positive impact on business processes it is proving to be a boon for startups, SMEs and large enterprises who are swiftly adopting machine learning to gain new opportunities for their growth and expansion. Easy availability of data, fast and efficient processing capabilities of computer systems and growing data storage volumes, have led to a massive machine learning boom.

Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure are some of the widely used Cloud Machine Learning platforms which businesses are adopting to effectively apply machine learning techniques in their business processes. Therefore, organizations can now benefit by understanding how businesses can use machine learning and implement the same in their own processes.

A team of machine learning and AI experts at Aress are presently working on various ML projects such as moving object detection, voice and image recognition, time series analysis, tagging image/faces, risk analysis in finance and equity markets, fraud analysis etc. Having worked closely with businesses in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and finance sectors, we’ve identified few key benefits which are common across all the industries.

Here are few ways machine learning can benefit businesses.

  • ML helps analyze large volumes of data with lower processing times.
  • Business get access to actionable insights into the real-time data thereby helping in making informed decisions.
  • Facilitates accurate Medical Predictions and Diagnoses.
  • Aids in increasing customer loyalty and ensuring superior customer experience.
  • Helps recognize hidden patterns and trends of consumer data, which is essential for industries like e-commerce, automotive, gaming etc.
  • Data processing speed and accuracy increases due to less human intervention.

To conclude, if implemented in the right manner, machine learning can serve as a key to various business problems and predict complex customer behaviors. ML is paving way to newer and faster methods of data driven decision making precisely and efficiently. Business are vastly relying on AI and ML solution companies like Aress to implement ML in their businesses. 

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