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How Chatbots in Healthcare may boost access to care?

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Posted on Aug 14, 2020
by Himanshu Chate ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

How Chatbots in Healthcare may boost access to care?

Since COVID-19 has spread across the globe and we are practicing social distancing to “flatten the curve”, it is technologies like Chatbots that are coming to rescue! Now more than ever we need to stay closer and connected to our families, to our nearest grocery store, food joints and to the information from the local governments.

Amidst today’s public health crisis, a wide range of organizations — health systems, digital health providers, employers, payors, government agencies and beyond — face unprecedented pressures to scale their response to COVID-19.

Today, millions of people across the globe are contacting overwhelmed call centers and visiting overburdened emergency departments. In recent weeks, digital health innovators have risen to the occasion to help address these challenges by making Covid-19-specific chatbots available. Chatbots are now automating the delivery of clinically-vetted information to those actively seeking care and to those searching for answers to questions.

If your organization is considering a chatbot, first define the goals you want to accomplish with this tool, as this can significantly impact the design requirements.

  • Are you providing an outlet for initial screening, or do you want to provide more actionable recommendations?
  • What action would you want your patients to take?
    1. Virtual visits
    2. Call to schedule
    3. Direct them to specific facilities
  • In case an appointment is to be scheduled, would you want all healthcare providers to be available or only specific ones?
  • Ensure your support structure is capable to handle potential volumes of virtual appointments.

The coronavirus has developed a planet of minimal certainty. However, one thing you should expect to see in the coming months and years is the position of chatbots expanding across multiple industries.

At Aress, we have been working on architecting/ designing, developing & deploying chatbots thereby keeping pace with the rise & evolution of chatbots. Here’s how you can:

  • Contact Aress’ team at
  • Schedule a call to walk through the technical requirements and how we can help.
  • If your technical team needs additional support/assistance with implementing the chatbot, we will also discuss details.

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