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5 Best Practices to improve your ROI on ServiceNow by atleast 30%

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Posted on Aug 31, 2021
by Himanshu Chate ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

5 Best Practices to improve your ROI on ServiceNow by atleast 30%

Enterprise-level companies across the world are harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to transform their businesses and gain a competitive edge. These companies are working towards streamlining business processes and developing automated workflows. This improves employee productivity, and augments business processes to boost overall customer experience.

ServiceNow, which is a leading Service Management Platform, is being utilized by thousands of enterprises worldwide as a platform of choice for their digital transformation initiatives. It helps them not only with service management automation but also helps in matching the technology objectives with business goals. It offers a single platform for end-to-end processes. It provides a complete picture of business application portfolio to the organization stakeholders giving them the required visibility to make better business decisions.

ServiceNow is designed with a vibrant, service-oriented architecture. The ServiceNow Platform can seamlessly integrate with other3rd party systems to collect and sync data from inaccessible departments and bridge the workflows. However, to avert low adoption rates and high costs, enterprises should follow some of the below mentioned best practices.

  • Building a strong business case - ServiceNow is not just an investment, its adoption must be planned considering the business objectives. Depending on the distinctive needs of the organization, a careful assessment, roadmap, milestones, cost-benefit analysis can be outlined, and it needs to be clear to all the involved stakeholders.
  • Phase-wise Implementation - Enterprises should decide on a phase-wise implementation approach, as it will help in considering all the linkages/dependencies among ITSM and other IT processes during the implementations. This helps in making future enhancements as well.
  • Setting up of Timeframe for focused efforts - In the planning phase itself, enterprises should define both short as well as long term goals that they want to attain using ServiceNow implementation. They should set up a timeframe for the platform by considering the stakeholders, and technologies that are currently being utilized. Along with this, enterprises should identify the right consulting partner having core team with right skills, capabilities, and expertise for end-to-end implementation.
  • Deliberate the facets of organizational change and processes - Majority of the enterprises overlook the fact that they need planned approach to IT delivery but not at the cost of organizational change. Enterprises should take a more holistic approach.
  • Avoid over-engineer and over-customization of the platform - Enterprises need to make sure that they don’t over-engineer the code in silos based on specific needs of one division without keeping the overall enterprise-wide objectives in mind. Through a collective approach, one can take advantage of the features and maximize its value.

A well-planned and impeccably implemented ServiceNow adoption can help enterprises save millions of dollars in investment and costs. Enterprises need to, however, make sure that they follow the best practices and take help from the right ServiceNow Consulting partner in their implementation planning and execution.

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