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How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Simplifies the E-Commerce Journey

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Posted on Apr 19, 2021
by Himanshu Chate ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Simplifies the E-Commerce Journey

With the imposition of global lockdown in 2020, most businesses went online, leaving the internet as a life source for many people and their businesses. A report published by Salesforce in April 2020 indicated that the number of distinctive online consumers nearly doubled as compared to that in 2019. Profits of online-shops, allowing customers to buy goods on their websites and pick up in the store, buy online increased by 27% in the first quarter.

With this growth, expectations off eCommerce solutions is rising for business stakeholders and customers. Considering the scale of Salesforce and the vast packages of services offered, there is certainly a trust built on Salesfoe Commercrce Cloud. This SaaS solution is cloud-based, and the technologist do not need to worry about supporting the hardware parts. To give you a better idea, we have rounded up some of the top benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud -

  • Unified customer experience - Commerce Cloud can link all digital and physical channels to create a unified customer journey. It follows customers on their unique journeys and links all touchpoints to give retailers a thorough picture.
  • Augmented Marketing Tools - Within the confines of Commerce Cloud, retailers can manage and share product information, images, and content among various catalogs and sites. It also makes it possible for the retailers to connect customers with the right product, variety, price, offer, and content at the correct time to maximize conversion rates and boost average order value.
  • Predictive Intelligence - With Salesforce built Einstein AI, retailers can automate processes, show more personalized results, and facilitate unique buyers’ journeys to close more sales and build customer loyalty.
  • Globalization of Store – Apart from the Salesforce commerce cloud, no other cloud-based platforms allow businesses to manage multiple stores at multiple locations across the globe from a single back-end platform. By utilizing salesforce commerce cloud, you can effortlessly manage currencies, languages, and multiple processes.
  • Mobile first focus – Two-third of the online traffic comes from mobile devices, and half of all the orders are placed on mobile devices. Commerce Cloud offers users a powerful mobile experience, so shopping and making purchases are quick and unified for consumers. The mobile commerce features include Reporting, Inventory management, Innovative conversion experiences and many more.

This platform is usually used by small, mid and high revenue clients. SFCC allows you to customize, add new integrations for payments, taxation providers, and so forth. The Commerce Cloud can be an exceptionally viable option for someone who is looking to get a solid solution with their e-commerce business.

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