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5 ways to secure your IPR when outsourcing

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Posted on Aug 14, 2020
by Karan Ahluwalia ( Business Development Executive)

5 ways to secure your IPR when outsourcing

“How to safeguard your IPR when outsourcing?”

“What points are to be considered to feel secure when outsourcing?”

Amongst the list of concerns that arise when a business thinks to outsource its software development needs, the above questions turn out to be the most crucial aspects of software outsourcing. IP (Intellectual property) can be any idea/product a business creates through use of its skillsets and expertise. During the outsourcing process of any software development project, many businesses fear theft or misuse of IP which may affect their reputation in the market and result in financial losses.

Understanding the vitality of safeguarding IPR for businesses outsourcing for the very first time or who might have had bad experiences in the past, here are some of the points that should be taken care of as a prerequisite when outsourcing –

  1. Know your outsourcing vendor
    It is imperative to initially get an understanding of the vendor you shortlist to work with on your project and understand their work culture, project execution process, team size, experiences, clientele, etc. It works as a first step to establishing a long-term business relationship, if you are looking for one.
  2. Sign a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement
    Signing an NDA secures the infringement chances when your product idea will be with your outsourcing vendor. The NCA further ensures that the vendor will not compete with you in any way for a stipulated amount of time.
  3. Sign a Legal Services Agreement
    In addition to an NDA/NCA, it is crucial to have a formal Service Agreement in place that entails the terms and conditions of the project. This legally secures both parties working on the project and can act as a ToR (Term of Reference) in case of any further disputes.
  4. Use a secure communication channel
    It is important to carry out all project-related communication (which may include sharing of important files and folders over the internet) over secure communication channels to prevent security breaches.
  5. Choose a trusted, well-established company
    Finally, it makes sense to select a company that has a proven track record of delivering outsourced projects. Studying the company’s portfolio, client testimonials and service history can play a crucial role in determining the fate of the project you plan to outsource.

At Aress, we have a 20-year-old record of upholding all IPR, non-disclosure/non-compete agreements, with some client engagements carried on for more than 15 years. Contact us for more information or if you need assistance on your software development needs.

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