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5 Reasons why your business needs a mobile app

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Posted on Oct 16, 2019
by Amol Gavai ( Vice President – Business Development)

5 Reasons why your business needs a mobile app

A 2018 research study revealed that

  • 58% of website visits came from mobile devices.
  • Users spent 42% of their total time spent online on their mobile devices.
  • Users spent nearly 9 times more time on mobile apps than on a browser.
Additionally, mobile responsive websites do not provide features such as push notifications, camera, GPS and offline access.

Here are the five reasons to turn your website into an app.

  1. Smartphones are the present and the future of technology – It is predicted that there will be more than 6 billion smartphones worldwide by 2020. Users prefer mobile apps to do their daily jobs and this dependency is only going to increase. Businesses not following the current trends will fall behind and eventually die.
  2. Mobile apps increase brand visibility – Mobile apps are downloaded through the App Store (iPhones and iPads) and Google Play Store (Android), thus putting a brand in reach of millions of users. Also, a downloaded app becomes a part of a user’s daily experience as the user can view its icon with each passing swipe.
  3. Apps are easily accessible than websites – Accessing mobile apps is just a click of a button away over taking efforts to open the web browser, typing the web address. Also, users sharing their content on social media networks is easier via mobile apps.
  4. Apps increase audience engagement, retention and loyalty – Push notifications allow the businesses to consistently engage, update its users/customers resulting in repeated visits and increased engagement and possibly loyalty.
  5. Increasing Search Engine Optimization – Google ranks websites higher in search results for those businesses who already have mobile apps.

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