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Why your business needs a Salesforce consulting partner?

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Posted on Sep 10, 2020
by Amol Gavai ( Vice President – Business Development)

Why your business needs a Salesforce consulting partner?

Salesforce CRM allows businesses to manage a wide variety of activities, sales processes, service operations, tracking of customer interactions, lead acquisition and conversion, and marketing.Every business has unique needs, processes, workflows and a Salesforce CRM org may need to be customised as per that. It can certainly be a valuable tool but, its implementation can sometimes pose a challenge. Just buying Salesforce licenses does not mean, one can start getting its benefits right away. A Salesforce Partner company can help achieve these objectives.

Salesforce Partners are experts Salesforce Partners are mostly custom software development companies which are awarded Partner badge by Salesforce after some checks and verification of credentials. Such companies know the nitty gritty of Salesforce and how it can be configured to work best. It can save a lot of time, energy and frustration for businesses if they seek help from such experts.

Salesforce offers various types of editions, licenses, products, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud etc. in their portfolio. It can be difficult for a business owner to decide which ones could be relevant for his business. A Salesforce partner can advise and provide recommendations to make effective utilisation of resources invested by a business.

Migration of data/information from the existing systems to a new Salesforce org can be time consuming and sometimes achallenge, if not done properly. Hence, an expert is required to take care of this otherwise complex task.

Using Salesforce as a stand-alone tool along with other software systems may increase workload for the people using these. A Salesforce Partner who knows how to achieve seamless integration, automation between a Salesforce org and other systems can be a game changer for a business. Automation can allow smooth flow of data from one system to other and only an expert can help achieve that.

Salesforce Partners can provide valuable consulting advice when it comes to designing andmodifying process workflows based on their experience. It can result in fixing some problem areas too.

Salesforce Partners can help in designing suitable reports and dashboards. It can provide valuable insights which effectively can improve decision making for a business owner resulting in growth, reduction in costs etc.

Finally, it is important that the people who are going to use Salesforce org are comfortable using it. A Salesforce Partner can handhold the users through training sessions to achieve that objective. Some Salesforce partners also provide Salesforce Support services to take care of routine fixes, issues a Salesforce user faces.

Aress Software is a Salesforce Partner company that provides Salesforce implementation, customization, integration, automation and 24x7 admin support services. Aress team includes ADM-201 & 211 certified admins, PD-I & PD-II, App Builder, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Pardot certified professionals. They also possess good experience of working on Marketing Cloud projects and are fully competent with Apex, Visualforce, Lightning and LWC, building AppExchange apps and custom apps on

Please feel free to get in touch, if you feel that you are not making full utilization of the investment you have made in this tool and want to reduce operational costs and achieve enhanced efficiency.

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