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When To Consider Help Desk Outsourcing

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Posted on Oct 02, 2019
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When To Consider Help Desk Outsourcing

Most businesses struggle with the idea of outsourcing their help desk. Companies often see this a critical way to have a personal connection with their customers, and in building their reputation and brand by being able to address and respond to customer questions and to resolve issues to the customer's satisfaction.

Unfortunately, these need to keep the help desk as an internal service of a company can actually be creating the opposite impression for your customers and clients. Knowing the signs of problems or challenges with an in-house help desk can give you a clear understanding of when help desk outsourcing is the right choice.

High Volumes of Calls

One of the most common reasons clients of Aress turned to help desk outsourcing through our service was high call volume issues. This may not have been ongoing high volume calls, but peaks in calls that a limited in-house department was not able to handle.

These calls that went to messages or that were not answered by a help desk staff member created a negative impression of the company and the brand in the customer's mind. By turning to our services, we can offer the staff needed to have each call answered by a knowledgeable help desk member.

Lack of Experience with In-House Staff

Training of in-house staff as to the help desk protocols, procedures, and support for customers can be costly and time consuming. At Aress, we work with experienced help desk staff, and they have the technical expertise to answer questions and to provide the level of assistance needed based on your requirements.

Challenges in Help Desk Cost Management

Some companies have a challenge of trying to balance the cost of the help desk to the type of inbound calls. It is not cost effective to have an IT engineer answering basic tech support questions, but it is also costly if an inexperienced staff member loses a top client and customer.

When you have concerns about your current help desk function, it is time to turn to Aress for competent, professional, and experienced help desk outsourcing services.

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