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Tips For Choosing An AWS Managed Service Provider

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Posted on Oct 02, 2019
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Tips For Choosing An AWS Managed Service Provider

There are many different cloud platforms available, and sifting through the features and the benefits of each option can be more than a bit confusing. There are several recognized leaders in these cloud platforms, with Google, Microsoft, Azure, and AWS or Amazon Web Services as some of the most recognized names for general business use, and the IBM cloud becoming a leading consideration when advanced analytics are required.

For most companies and businesses, AWS offers a practical, user-friendly, and customizable solution to cloud-based technology. At Aress, we are a certified AWS managed service provider, and our team of AWS consultants can assist your business in all aspects of their cloud IT infrastructure.

When choosing an AWS managed service provider, we recommend businesses consider the following aspects of the service provider. As this is a long-term partnership, getting the right combination of services and features from the provider benefit the business both immediately as well as for future hosting requirements.

AWS Certified Consultants

We believe that certification of our consultants does make a difference. By having our staff certified, our customers are getting the most highly trained professionals as their AWS managed service provider, and they also have access to the latest in information and best practices.

A Focus on Your Business

Too often, companies providing AWS managed services have set programs or packages they market to prospective customers. These packages have the basic requirements companies need, but they lack the flexibility and customization to maximize the investment potential in transitioning to AWS.

At Aress, we start by getting a full understanding of what our customers require. We can assist with migration to the cloud or start with a new business and a new service. We also offer full support throughout the IT systems management lifecycle, ensuring the cloud is continually expanding to meet the changing needs of your business.

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