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We're Lightning ready. Are you?

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Posted on Aug 26, 2019
by Himanshu Chate ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

We're Lightning ready. Are you?

The acceptance of Lightning is on the rise, as industries are becoming gradually aware of the manifold benefits Lightning can bring in terms of improved productivity and fast response rate. 

As per the 2017 Lightning Adoption Survey, productivity for users has increased by 41% - this is mainly because of multiple benefits that are available in the lightning mode which were previously not available in Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce Classic stresses more on the responsiveness of the desktop or mobile application; whereas Lightning eliminates this barrier and opens potential opportunities for developers. From the user’s perspective, we have listed some of the benefits below. 

There can be many reasons to switch to Salesforce Lightning, but categorically, it’s not as easy or simple as flipping a switch. For many businesses, migrating to Salesforce Lightning is a tedious job that requires months of research, planning, and testing. This can be a reason for many to avoid migration or wait until they’re forced to make the unavoidable upgrade from Classic.

Nevertheless, upgrading to Lightning is not always painful. With the right approach to research and testing, you can make the transition a smooth and seamless experience. Aress follows a 6-step process for a smoother transition. 

For some of the businesses, we use the Readiness Tool provided by Salesforce. It generates a report in PDF format that consists of the readiness of the user and the suggested features to switch. Aress helps in making the transition from Classic to Lightning in a much faster and an economical way.

Aress is an experienced Salesforce Partner helps all the types of businesses who want to adopt a new Lightning experience in their organization. We help businesses leverage a seamless transition and customization process, ensuring that they become more productive. With our deep domain proficiency in Salesforce, we can be your ideal partner when you are making the transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. Check out our expertise in Salesforce consulting services that include migration, development, integration, support/upgrade, and performance tuning.

Contact us to get your Readiness report and know how Aress is can help you make a fast and economical transition from classic to lightning for your Org. Visit us at or email us at

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