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‘Sentiment Analysis’ - Your ears to the ground

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Posted on Oct 01, 2019
by Dev Kumbhare ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

‘Sentiment Analysis’ - Your ears to the ground

While businesses are heavily relying on smart machines, business intelligence and analytics of their data, there are a few key processes such as Sentiment Analysis, which have helped in making more smart and informed business decisions. Sentiment Analysis is a feature of text analysis that uses techniques to analyze information regarding how customers are reacting to one’s products and services by allowing machines to identify and extract opinions within text, such as tweets, emails, support tickets, product reviews, survey responses, etc.

Sentiment analysis provides helpful business insights that drive effective business decisions, strategies and objectives. Industries into retail and eCommerce, production, healthcare facilities, large MNCs having various LOBs, all use sentiment analysis to get audience feedback thereby laying their ears to the ground and take necessary actions and formulate effective business strategies. Some of the key areas of application of sentiment analysis are Brand Marketing, Customer Support, Customer feedback, Product analytics and there are more.

Peaks or valleys in sentiment scores give you a place to start if you want to make product improvements, train sales or customer care agents, or create new marketing campaigns. As data is the primary element to carry out sentiment analysis, it is vital for businesses to have enough volumes of data and that too from the right sources, else it could lead to poor and non-meaningful results. 

Aress with its team of machine learning experts, data scientists and analysts, have built several models that make use of the two primary types, subjectivity/objectivity identification and feature/aspect-based sentiment analysis involving techniques such as 

  • Data Tokenization, Data Cleaning using Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment analysis and calculate polarity score – matrix created, self-learning techniques
  • Specific sentiment analysis classification to check the trolls and negative activities

Aress also helps businesses to visualize the analyzed data in an intuitive way with use of data visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

To conclude sentiment analysis may be a complex technology to master, but when you do, the benefits it will render are massive. Learn more about our Advanced Analytics and AI services + product offerings at

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