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Salesforce CPQ

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Posted on May 09, 2019
by Himanshu Chate ( Sr. Manager Business Development)

Salesforce CPQ

Configure-Price-Quote is a sales software designed to help sales channels to efficiently ‘Configure’ products out of an exhaustive product catalog, apply accurate ‘Pricing’ based on various types of discounts, promotional offers and generate highly professional error-free ‘Quotes’. For any company, implementing a CPQ solution results in increased sales productivity, faster and accurate quotes, a higher close rate and greater revenue.

Salesforce CPQ is a native software built on Salesforce Platform. It automates the process of quoting, ordering, and contracting in the sales cycle. It enables the sales teams to configure the products, price the order, and rapidly generate flawless quotes with fewer clicks. This is hosted within the ecosystem 100% on cloud and hence enables your sales team to use the software, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

As a subject matter expert with industry-specific knowledge, Aress offers Salesforce CPQ to streamline the phases of 'quote', 'contracts', and 'revenue' to automate your sales process. CPQ allows sales channels to sell more, faster and into different industries. It also helps to manage billing of subscriptions and minimize invoicing errors. 

By never leaving the Salesforce org, sales reps have access to a streamlined Lead to Quote, Quote to Order and Order to Cash process which results in improved pipeline visibility and enhanced forecasting capabilities. Below are some highlights that came in through numerous success stories where our customers have experienced:

1. Improved Quote Accuracy - Due to variable values, a quote may require multiple iterations. For example, change in the estimates of a developer working at a client site.

2. Reduce Quote and Project data mismatch - The integration of CPQ and Sales org can eliminate the problem of data mismatch and delicacy.

3. Streamline Quote Revisions - Coming up with a change request is very common in this process. Salesforce CPQ offers a revision to meet the requirement for any amendments to an existing quote. 

Thus, Aress helps you to integrate CPQ for error-free transactions. We configure solutions by utilizing the set of the product such as pricing, discounts, proposal, invoice, billing, payments, reports, and integration of third-party apps.

To avail CPQ or any other Salesforce services, visit us at or email us at

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