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Outsourcing IT Support Vs In house: Which is The Right Choice for Your Business?

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Posted on Sep 17, 2020
by Kishor Kulkarni ( Vice President - Business Development)

Outsourcing IT Support Vs In house: Which is The Right Choice for Your Business?

When businesses find themselves needing to address a specific need, one question often arises whether they can handle the task in house vs outsourcing it. Both approaches have merit and demerits, and the answer to whether you should choose one or the other depends on multiple factors. Each business will have a different perspective, depending on their company and the business needs.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key elements one should consider in this case.

In case of a specific task or service, you may require additional technical expertise to perform it which you may not have in-house. Whereas outsourcing companies always have a bench strength to take care of additional expertise or can manage it with the help of employees having experience with similar tasks. 

In some of the projects you may see a spike in traffic which would then require additional resources for a limited time span. Hiring an additional in-house resource for limited time period may be a challenge at times. With outsourcing, you may be able to scale your resource requirements as and when you need and then scale back when the need is no longer there.Outsourced IT support providers will usually have resources to cope with the changing demands of a scaling business.

With outsourcing, an external contractor will handle all salary payments - you simply pay the company for the service. How much remuneration you pay for the position will depend on the nature of the work and a host of other factors - but from a human resources standpoint, you're only responsible for the benefits and salary of your direct employees, not those doing work via an external provider.

24x7 coverage:
Another important point of concern when evaluating the in-house vs outsourcing decision is availability of staff when you need them. Do you need 24/7/365 support? What about support outside business hours and during weekends?IT emergencies don't always happen during business hours. That's why businesses include 24/7 IT support cover as standard.

Infra costs - In house employees come with other costs along with salary and benefits:
There are the costs associated with offices supplies and equipment. There's also the matter of providing personal time off (PTO), sick leave, and holidays. If you opt to outsource, the outsourcing company will consider all these IT support costs. They'll handle all additional costs for their staff working on your project, so you don't have to worry.

Since the proof is in the pudding, Aress Support offers a no obligation free trial for two weeks which will give you a better insight of outsourced IT support services. Our IT services are cost effective, scalable and can be tailor-made to your unique business needs. Reach out to me at for more information.

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