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Why your SAAS Product needs a good Customer Support Team?

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Posted on Jul 15, 2021
by Kishor Kulkarni ( Vice President - Business Development)

Why your SAAS Product needs a good Customer Support Team?

Usage of SAAS based products by enterprises has increased exponentially in the last few years. That has led to an increase in the number of issues SAAS product companies are dealing with. If they do not provide good support services to their customers/product users, then it leads to poor customer satisfaction and poor customer retention. A recent survey shows that every year, 82% customers leave a company due to poor customer service experiences and move to another one. So, offering excellent software alone is not enough. Only, providing excellent software and great customer support together will guarantee business growth and success.

Let us see what role the customer support department plays in making your SaaS business a successful one.

  • Product Innovation - As a developer or founder, you may have a vision of how your software will evolve in future versions. But it is important that it relates with the needs and demands of your potential customers. A customer support system can give you the opportunity to learn more about your client through the feedback, remarks they give and make the product relevant to your customers.
  • Reduced Customer Churn - A satisfied customer means a successful business. However, if customers are not onboarded properly, churn can become a real concern for SaaS companies. With a SaaS support system, one can keep track of important information, that can help to make sure that customers' issues are addressed within a certain time frame. Customer support representatives are essentially sales managers who measure total, NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score) parameters.
  • Lead Generation - Customer support in a SaaS company is not just about improving products, it can also be used to generate new leads. In collaboration with support team, sales department can gather common questions for the customers. This can help to build strong relationships by providing clear answers quickly before the customer loses interest. The key to selling software is to make customers feel comfortable and to provide information to quell future concerns. The sales team can use the data collected and provided by customer support team to cross sell other products or services offered by the SaaS company.
  • Increased Revenue - By partnering with SaaS support model providers, more revenue can be generated. An expert provider will find the best ways to improve metrics such as average handle time, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing - Word-of-Mouth marketing and business are linked by expert customer service. The best solution in this case is to outsource customer support to an expert SaaS support provider as it can give more power to Word-of-Mouth marketing.

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