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5 reasons why you should look at moving to Virtual Private Server (VPS)

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Posted on Mar 02, 2021
by Kishor Kulkarni ( Vice President - Business Development)

5 reasons why you should look at moving to Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Until recent years businesses had only two choices when it came to storing their digital content on a server: either they had to buy or hire their own server, or they had to share it with others.

This was until virtualized servers got introduced and ushered in a new era of the Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS’s are a good option for businesses as they offer flexibility of dedicated servers without many limitations that shared servers pose.

Virtual Private Server facilitates the features of both dedicated as well as shared servers. Having a VPS is like a flat share – where you still share the building with other people, but you get your own flat and you can customize it the way you want. That means you get the best of both –the control and security of dedicated server and affordability of shared servers.

Here are 5 reasons for moving to VPS -

  • 1. Dedicated Resources
    Similar to dedicated server all of the resources on your VPS will be dedicated to you. The RAM and CPU capacity available in VPS is often much more than commonly offered in shared servers – allowing you to run with full capacity and handle large volume of traffic.

  • 2. Better Performance

    Not only do you often get more RAM, disc space and CPU but because you get dedicated resources, any processes on your VPS run faster, smoother and ensure they have less impact on other processes running at the same time. For e.g. your website doesn’t slow down if you are backing up certain files or upgrading your email client. Therefore, VPS can provide a perfect mix of control, security and affordability for businesses who need a scalable and affordable solution.

  • 3. Scalability

    If you are a business planning to launch a new website or your current one is attracting more traffic than you had planned, then one of biggest advantage of a VPS is the ability to quickly scale your hosting resources.

    Since you have chosen VPS, your environment is hosted in what is known as a “Container”, which is allocated a specific amount of resources according to the plan you have chosen. These containers can be easily scaled up and down without causing technical issues or downtime – so your server needs can grow at the same pace as your business.

  • 4. Managed Services

    Majority of hosting companies offers a managed service with in-house resources or with the help of outsourced technical support providers like Aress.

  • 5. Impact on environment

    You can switch to a VPS and help protect the environment at the same time. Instead of buying or hiring your own dedicated server, where you are the only one profiting from the resources and the power consumption to that server, with a VPS you’ll be sharing a larger dedicated server that has been divided into multiple virtual environments making for a smaller impact on the environment.

    So, if your business is keen to go green, a VPS could help reduce your ‘digital’ carbon footprint. After all, fewer servers using less power can only be a good thing for the planet!

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