Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense
Posted on Aug 27, 2021
byKishor Kulkarni (Vice President - Business Development)

What are the benefits of outsourcing your eCommerce support to India?

People's lifestyles have been drastically altered by the e-commerce sector. Shopping and browsing products and services has never been easier with eCommerce stores. People have never had a more convenient shopping experience. Additionally, this industry is now seeking to provide users the convenience of shopping from their homes by leveraging new technologies such as Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and IoT. e-tailers are now expected to offer better customer service to consumers. The products they are looking for need to be relevant to them with appropriate discounts and a seamless experience across multiple devices.

The need to update experiences constantly leaves eCommerce platforms little room and time to implement more innovate in-house operations. As eCommerce stores struggle to manage too many processes with limited resources, outsourcing allows them to provide convenient customer support via appropriate content online, product returns, etc.

Let’s look at some of the eCommerce challenges that need to be addressed for better functioning:

  • Navigation on the website - If customers cannot find your products on your website, they will not buy them. They are more likely to abandon the website when they encounter difficulties.
  • Privacy & Security - With today's increased use of devices, security concerns are also growing in the digital world. The market will not accept any web or mobile application that doesn't provide customers with security.
  • A checkout - Checkout processes that underperform typically require customers to register themselves, take a long time to load, and include extended shipping charges. By optimizing the website, eCommerce companies could increase sales by addressing this challenge.
  • Challenges of cross-selling and up-selling - Consumers are sometimes unwilling to spend on additional items. Companies offering e-commerce services need to outsource efficient customer support services to encourage online shoppers.
    A cutthroat environment like eCommerce requires you to think on your feet all the time, which is why outsourcing has become so popular. Offshoring has been the primary method of achieving that goal by most of the businesses. In the Fortune 500, outsourcing to India has played a major role in assisting companies to excel. Take a short tour of how outsourcing to India could be the best decision you make in the journey of customer service outsourcing.
  • Reduced Costs - In India, labor costs or operational expenditures are relatively low. Many international companies and businesses prefer outsourcing to India for this reason. Not only does it offer the most value for your overall expenditure, but it also saves maintenance and infrastructure costs by a considerable margin.
  • Skilled Workforce Outsourcing customer support to India facilitates access to skilled resources who have plenty of experience. In the global labor market, India has an advantage over other countries due to its large number of technical and skilled employees in industries such as IT, BPO, and finance.
  • 24/7 Support - An online business requires you to be available for your customers 24 hours a day, to provide them with an efficient customer service. Imagine a scenario where a customer wishes to purchase something at the wee hours of the night but is unable to do so. Its not unfair for them to expect to hear from support That's you, of course! But this is possible only if your customer service team is available round the clock.
  • Seamless Communication - A simple email tool isn't enough for seamless communication.
    The latest instant messaging technology, as well as social media-inspired intranets, are essential to allow customers to stay engaged, informed, and connected at all times. With a digital platform, communication can be unified, tracking shipments simultaneously, and customers can easily reach out for any other support.
  • Digitalization - Standing out in this era requires digital transformation. Moreover, automation is supporting many business infrastructures. Business process management can be used to enhance productivity and reduce the need for human labor using digital transformation tools. Outsourcing companies in India are turning their attention to digital methods of achieving operational goals. Hence, outsourcing to India can ultimately give a great push to eCommerce industry leaders.
  • Conclusion - At times, outsourcing your ecommerce support may look like a challenge due to many reasons. However, embracing the newer practices, technologies and tools can give your business a competitive edge. Indian companies that offer outsourcing services provide enormous opportunities to participate in the eCommerce market. Choosing to outsource to India is a sure-fire way to tackle your business's challenges, irrespective of its size. Reach out for a free consultation at kishor.kulkarni@aress.com.

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