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6 best practices of Tech Support

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Posted on Aug 20, 2019
by Kishor Kulkarni ( Vice President - Business Development)

6 best practices of Tech Support

In today’s business world, no product or service is perfect. This is often very true when it comes to software applications and products. Therefore companies, looking for overall growth, need to provide technical help to their customers when things don’t go as expected. And while no technical issue or products/service are alike, the best tech support teams share the following six traits -

1. Offer multi-channel support    
Of-late many channels of support are available through which companies can engage their customers either to promote a sale or to provide the best customer support experience. Rather than just relying on email and phone communications, businesses ought to offer tech support via social media channels, live chat, and mobile or social media messaging apps. This is to ensure that the responses are quick, and the customer gets a resolution of their issues in real-time.

2. Don’t keep your customers waiting
No one likes to be kept waiting, or feel unnoticed, particularly when they have a serious issue that needs immediate fixing. And when you have an issue, even an hour can seem like perpetuity.

Therefore, to safeguard your customers’ interest, make sure your multi-channels are appropriately staffed. If you don’t have somebody available to speak to a customer right away, provide them an option of leaving a message or having somebody call them back when somebody from your support staff becomes free.

Likewise, if a tech support rep cannot provide a customer with an instant solution or answer to customers question, make sure they get back to the customer the next day with the r resolution to the problem.

3. Provide FAQs and troubleshooting guide online (self-help)
More and more customers take advantage of self-service alternatives before contacting customer support representatives.

The Gartner reviews says that improving self -service experience of customers is amongst the top 3 priorities for companies that aim to improve client experience and service.

By creating a dedicated page for customer self-help guide with most FAQs and answers to them will not only assist online customers to find relevant information they need to resolve their issues but will also cut down on queues & customer service costs.

4. Hire experienced and well-trained representatives (Tech Agents)
Hire experienced support staff, train them well on your products and offerings and reward them appropriately. Whether you are talking about front-line reps or senior-most account managers, they’re the face of the company to a customer. And as a business owner, you continually need to position your best face forward.

5. Use software tools to keep track of customers and take care of routine tasks.
There are many software tools which can be used to provide better customer support experience. These software tools ensure that the customer data is stored in the central system where the support team can access it. In this way, the support agents can save time and provide quick assistance to the customers. 

6. Make sure the support staff knows how to listen to the customers and be polite to them.
Tech support agents need to be polite and need to carefully listen to customers and understand their issues before giving them any answers. It is very easy to start blurting out answers because you assume what they meant instead of listening to their queries.

Tech support is a critical element of the overall customer/user experience for products and services.  

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