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Successful Participation at The Business Show, Olympia London

Posted on Dec 05, 2014
by Administrator

Successful Participation at The Business Show, Olympia London

Aress has successfully participated at the The Business Show held in Olympia London on 27th and 28th Nov, 2014. It was great to see Olympia packed with so many business owners and budding entrepreneurs and must say we are overwhelmed by the response.

The two day event attracted more than 20,000 businesses who attended with the primary agenda of improving and expanding their business.

Aress offers economical in-line and out-of-path solutions, backed by innovative technology and research from over 15 years of experience. Participation at the The Business Show provided Aress with a great opportunity to enhance brand visibility, promote its services, make key industry contacts, and progressively drive sales.

We'd love to thank all visitors as well as exhibitors of the The Business Show. The experience and results obtained from exhibition will definitely drive Aress to continue to improve its services and establish deeper levels of communication and trust among us and our clients.

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