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7 good reasons to use WordPress for your website

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Posted on Aug 04, 2018
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7 good reasons to use WordPress for your website

If you had to ask major corporations and big publishing companies which digital publishing platform they are on, then their answer would probably be, “we use WordPress Development Services.” Companies like The New Yorker, BBC, Forbes, Conde Nast, and News International use WordPress Development Services to publish their content. It’s the most popular digital platform and currently rules the internet! It’s estimated that 25% of the world’s content is published on WordPress. The current CMS service has everyone tapping away, and probably, for a long time. If you are planning to start your own blogging career or establishing your own e-commerce business, then we would advise you to utilize WordPress Development Services. Here are a bunch of reasons why WordPress Development Company is the right software solution for all your digital ambitions.

  1. WordPress is free to use
    WordPress Development Services is free for everyone. You can increase the size of your website with more content and different design layouts and you won’t be charged an extra penny for it. WordPress gives you the freedom to utilize its software to get creative without worrying about incurring any costs. It’s the best deal that you’ll ever come across.

  2. Easy to install
    The WordPress Development Services software is relatively simple to implement and use. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of running a website. Even a novice will be able to run the WordPress software like a pro in no time. WordPress runs on a free license server software with no hidden costs. To run WordPress, all you require is a domain and web hosting.

  3. Multi-media platform
    WordPress has many uses. It supports a wide variety of content structures. It can be used as a blogging platform, as an arcade, to showcase your portfolio, as a shopping website, a video collection site, and as a gallery. WordPress allows you to upload YouTube and Facebook videos. You can upload your Instagram pictures, tweets, and audio tracks from SoundCloud. All you do is paste the URL and you’re good to go.

  4. Desktop and mobile responsive
    Whether you’re in front of your desktop or on your mobile you’ll be able to use WordPress. WordPress is both Desktop and mobile responsive.

  5. Most popular blogging platform
    WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because you can constantly keep customizing your website. WordPress offers you the option of choosing from over 2,600+ themes and 31,000+ plugins. All of these options are free of cost. WordPress constantly updates its system and adds new, improved features on a constant basis. Features like categories, tags, gravatars, widgets, moderation controls, antispam solutions, and plugin infrastructures are constantly improved. Other website feature options like galleries, trash, threaded comments, and revision histories are also improved upon. These features allow bloggers to make their blogs more creative, fun, and interactive.

  6. Simple to Manage
    You don’t have to be a tech genius to manage a WordPress account. Even the average Joe who has no prior knowledge of running a website can successfully manage WordPress.

  7. Built-in SEO platform
    Google loves WordPress! WordPress has a built-in SEO system that makes it search engine friendly. There are a number of WordPress plug-ins that you can install to make your website SEO friendly.

These are just a few reasons why WordPress is and continues to be the most popular digital publishing platform amongst millennials and others alike. If you aren’t already on Wordpress, then we suggest that you get onto it as soon as possible! Need help? Read more about our Wordpress development service.

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