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6 Reasons Why Angular JS is the Preferred Framework for Advanced App Development

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Posted on Sep 10, 2018
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6 Reasons Why Angular JS is the Preferred Framework for Advanced App Development

The preferred framework for advanced application development.

Angular JS is predominantly used to simplify the app development process. It is a simple integration of several HTML codes that allows developers to carry out web and app development tasks. It is an open source framework- so it’s easy to find information on trouble-shooting bugs and hacks since it has a wide of audience of Angular JS developers world-wide, who participate in its use and contribute to make it better. Read on to know more about the benefits of its adoption in your workflow.

  1. Modularity to Manage the Workflow
    Developing a web application through individual modules for different sections brings over-arching functionality, architecture, design, UI flow and flexibility to the workflow. A site like iStock, built on the AngularJS framework, has four different sections offering thousands of photos, illustrations and a selection of videos and audios for creative projects that people shop for. It enables website developers to split up the project in different modules, improving the workflow to deliver products like these.

  2. Useful Filters
    Often, website developers have to filter big chunks of data by number, lowercase, uppercase, order by, to make it presentable in smaller and more comprehensible ways to the user. Some key filters that help to organize that data, make a workflow and produce a simple-to-use app or site are found in Angular JS. Developers can easily filter the data numerically, by sentence casing, chronology and other filters. This feature has enabled the creation of apps and sites that require an extensive search function too, including Google, who created Angular JS.

  3. Light-weight
    Website developers and application users alike look for smooth user interfaces and user experiences as a result of that. Netflix for instance, which has curated content could become a heavy app. But its use of the light-weight Angular JS has helped it build its critically acclaimed UI. This has helped with its success in terms of viewership numbers, in so far as a framework and the UX can help host great design and content.

  4. Easy Architecture
    Some frameworks are exclusively built for mobile apps, but the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture allows Angular JS developers to seamlessly transition across webpages and mobile applications. It also makes it easy to collaborate on modules of code which can be re-used. So, website developers find that it is a better framework to help them meet deadlines faster since app production time for multiple platforms is reduced.

  5. Simple Coding
    The code of any framework we use needs an elaborate structure and flow which contains several input commands, language and it involves implementing complex solutions to solve for unique requirements. By using an open source code, Angular JS developers have a singular advantage over others, in that, its HTML database is wide. It allows website developers to shop for the code they need to create engaging user interfaces for those unique requirements. It brings out other competencies of the code like originality and interactivity, to create responsive web and mobile platforms with less structural coding.

  6. Convenient Testing
    Web and mobile app development routinely involve the process of testing, which helps developers solve for bugs, discrepancies between the UI flow and the anticipated result and any other code errors. Development and testing on the AngularJS framework is almost prescient in this regard since it can easily find and help website developers fix those errors. This is a great framework that allows different versions of UI/ UX to showcase innovation, while also qualifying for efficiency in terms of time and productivity.

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