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5 ways how ROR development services can benefit your business

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Posted on Aug 24, 2018
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5 ways how ROR development services can benefit your business

Are you learning to build a modern web application? The process can look daunting, but with a server-side web application framework like Ruby on Rails, it’s going to be a cake walk. The application framework that emerged around the 2000s influenced web app development by introducing innovative features such as scaffolding of views to enable faster application development, migrations, and seamless database table creations. Various other frameworks such as Django in Python, Sails.js in Node, and the like have started borrowing ideas from Ruby on Rails. Since ROR maximizes developer’s productivity and efficiency, it has become a favorite web development framework for many big players such as Airbnb, Bloomberg, and CrunchBase. Wondering why your business needs Ruby on Rails web development services? Read on.

  1. Time-efficient
    The built-in plugins and modules make web development easy for developers by taking out the effort of writing a boilerplate code. Using this platform, developers can easily build applications faster than any other framework and programming language. This framework also offers a standardized approach to file storage and programming conventions. With the help of MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern, ROR can also support rapid project developments.

  2. High-quality output
    Ruby on Rails provides excellent quality and endorses bug-free application development. The ‘Minitest tool’ in Rails core provides many useful testing features including mocking, test benchmarking, and syntax. It supports and encourages both behavior-driven development and test-driven development.

  3. Cost-effective
    Is your firm facing a tight budget? Then ROR is a smart choice. As an MIT licensed open source framework, you can make use of it cost-effectively without having to compromise on the quality and security. Developers can add features without making them from scratch, thus saving a lot of time and money. The special libraries in ROR help in adding functionalities with respect to authentication and authorization. It also eases the process of bug fixing.

  4. Scalable
    Scalability is extremely important for a business to expand and increase revenue. But this demands restructuring the IT infrastructure. Every IT infrastructure should be in a position to handle additional load and more visitors. Ruby on Rails will help the business to scale and expand with ease.

  5. Secure
    The security features of ROR follow the Secure Development Life Cycle process and plugs in security tests on every release to ensure a safe environment.

At Aress, we have a proficient team for Ruby on Rails Web Development Services. We can implement extraordinary features in the ROR framework with reliable and scalable solutions.

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