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What is Google Authorship?

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Posted on Apr 11, 2014
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What is Google Authorship?

Associating Google Authorship to Google+ profile creates a verified connection between web content and the creators of this content. This helps Google to identify authentic human-created content and differentiate it from the spam that is produced daily on content farms. On the surface What is Google Authorship? may seem about pretty pictures and bylines, but on digging deeper you’ll realize that it is essentially about adding value to the content and search results. Currently there is no evidence that the author rank affects the search results, but it is expected that Google will eventually integrate authorship information in its search algorithm.

Benefits of Google authorship:

  • Increased click through rates: It has been observed that users usually get drawn to the extra elements within the Google’s result pages. This is probably one of the reasons why Google is steering away from displaying 10 straight URL’s, and adding more personalization to their results. With Google authorship enabled and an image in the SERPs, it increases the chances of users visiting your content.

  • Building Authority: By consistently publishing quality content, you are on the track to being acknowledged as an authority by Google. The concept of using Authorship as a ranking metric has been patented by Google back in 2009. If properly implemented, it can definitely facilitate better ranking for your content.

  • Centralized Content: Having all the content documented in a centralized manner makes it easier for others find more of your content. This happens when someone clicks the profile photo or the name within the SERP’s. Once someone accesses your photo or name, Google will display more content associated with your Google authorship, which enables easier access to your content.

  • Ownership of Content: One of the most overlooked benefits of Google authorship is the ability to claim the ownership of your content. This is an important aspect in creating a unique online identity and prevent your work from getting plagiarized.

  • Increased Social Following: A link to the author’s Google+ profile located directly on the search result makes it easier for the user to find out more about the author and their company. Users also have the ability to +1 the author or company, indicating to Google that you are an authentic and authoritative source.

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