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Selecting The Right Mobile Platform

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Posted on Apr 03, 2014
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Selecting The Right Mobile Platform

If your organization has identified mobile applications as a key piece of your strategy, you will probably be overwhelmed by the variety of mobile offerings in the market. This blog post intends to help by pointing out the most important considerations you must be aware of when choosing the right mobile application platform that will address the requirements of your organization:

  • Target Audience: The user preferences play a crucial role in selecting the right platform that can be used for the mobile app. According to the applicability of the mobile app and the market segment that it is meant for, research needs to be done among the target audience to identify the popularity of the different platforms used by them. The results of this research will indicate how the different platforms rank among the users and should help you to select the most popular ones.

  • Costs involved: When selecting the right platform one should bear in mind the cost implications because choosing something expensive could take a toll your target profits. While choosing the platform, you have a choice between native platform and cross-platform.

  • Native Mobile App Vs. Cross Platform Mobile App: Native apps are the apps which are written in the language of a particular platform. These apps are exclusively meant for use on that particular platform and cannot be used with any other platform. Selecting The Right Mobile Platform on the native platform are generally high-performing apps. Although they are the right choice in most cases, their high cost may be a hindrance.

    Cross-platform mobile apps are also popularly known as hybrid apps. These apps run on multiple platforms. This is a web app within a native domain that is written in Javascript, HTML and CSS. These apps are relatively cheaper than native mobile apps, and are versatile as they can be used on multiple platforms. The downside with hybrid mobile apps is that the user experience may not match up to the other variant.

    When choosing the platform for the mobile app, the knowledge and technical competence of the developer too have to be considered. Being well informed about the latest technological trends in the industry will help to judge the future prospects of the platform that is chosen.

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