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iOS App Development Company

iOS App Development Company

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Empower your business with our cutting-edge iOS App Development Services. Let us bring your ideas to life and propel your brand into the digital age.

Why Choose iOS App Development Services

There are several reasons why someone might choose iOS App development:

  • Market Opportunity: iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, have a significant market share, particularly in regions like North America and Europe. Developing iOS apps can provide access to this large user base.

  • User Demographics: iOS users often have higher purchasing power and are more willing to spend money on apps and in-app purchases compared to users on other platforms. This can potentially lead to higher revenue generation for developers.

  • Quality Control: The Apple App Store has strict guidelines for app submission, which can lead to higher quality apps being available to users. This can be beneficial for developers who prioritize user experience and want their apps to be well-received.

  • Quality Control: Apple places a strong emphasis on security and privacy, which can be appealing to both developers and users. The company implements robust security measures to protect user data and provides developers with tools and guidelines to build secure apps.

  • Early Adoption: iOS users tend to adopt new OS versions and updates more quickly than Android users, allowing businesses to leverage new features and functionalities sooner.

Overall, the decision to choose depends on various factors such as target audience, monetization strategy, development resources, and personal preferences. As a trusted iOS app development company for years, Aress helped craft feature-rich, interactive, and innovative iOS applications for multiple brands.

AGILE methodology for iOS app development

We follow Agile methodology for iOS app development which is a dynamic and iterative approach that emphasizes flexibility and collaboration throughout the development process. Each sprint focuses on delivering a specific set of features, allowing for continuous feedback and adaptation. The development team, including developers, designers, and product owners, work closely together, regularly reviewing progress and adjusting priorities as needed.

  • STRATEGY AND CONSULTING This is a crucial component for ensuring a successful and impactful product that aligns with an organization’s business objectives and resonate with their target audience.

  • IDEATION AND DESIGN In iOS app development, design is not just about aesthetics but also about adhering to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) to ensure consistency and familiarity for iOS users.

  • DEVELOPMENT During development, ios app developers implement the app's features, integrate third-party libraries and APIs as needed, and handle tasks such as data management, user authentication, and device compatibility.

  • QA AND OPTIMIZATION Once development is complete, the app undergoes thorough testing and validation to ensure its stability, usability, and performance on different iOS devices and versions.

iPhone Mobile Application Development:

Aress Software has been developing iPhone Applications that are being used by a wide range of consumers ranging from Enterprise users to mass consumers. We have a highly skilled team of iPhone application programmers for iPhone Application Development with experience on iOS SDK.

We have a team of iOS developers who have been developing native iPhone/iOS apps using various technology skill sets such as Swift, XCode, Objective-C. They have been developing creative, customized, flexible, and more usable iPhone Software Applications.

Our iPhone Application programmers have good expertise on,

  • Business Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Calendar & Address book Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Quartz Encryption
  • Location Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • LBS
  • GPS Applications
  • Sqlite3 Database

We have a wide knowledge of working on Cocoa framework, Cocoa Touch, Core Service, Media. We also have worked on GPS - based iPhone Application and (Location Based Service) LBS based Location tracking application for iPhone. We also have a record of developing projects with open-sourced APIs of third party like Facebook, Twitter, Google Map, Google Calendar.

iPad Application Development:

Aress Software has been developing iPad Applications too. Our skilled team of iPad application programmers has development experience on iOS SDK, using which the iPad applications can be developed. Our iPad SDK programmers can build applications for any purpose.

As a well-versed iOS app development company, we stay ahead of the technology curve and can handle any of the latest trends in iPad development. Our brilliant iPad Application Developers / Programmers work skillfully to develop the next generation of innovative applications for the Apple iPad. We have dedicated iPad Apps Developers for iPad application programming and we allow you to choose and hire our iPad developers, exclusively to understand your application requirements you wish to have for the larger display. We also provide customized iPad Application Development/Programming Services to deliver tailored applications for the Apple iPad related to Books, Business, Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle, and many more. Learn more about iPad Application Development and get going from this moment itself.

Our programmers have been developing creative, customized, flexible and more usable iPad Software Applications including

  • Business Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Calendar & Address book Applications

We also have worked on a backup application that enables the user to back up their iPad contacts and images within the image gallery.