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How Aress helped a Drone Manufacturing company with Salesforce Implementation of Pardot?

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Posted on Oct 06, 2023
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How Aress helped a Drone Manufacturing company with Salesforce Implementation of Pardot?

In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the competition requires innovation, efficiency, and a keen understanding of your customers. For our valued customer, a manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art drones, this meant rethinking their lead management process to enhance profitability and stay at the forefront of their industry.

How Aress tackled the Challenge?

Our customer specializes in providing cutting-edge drones to businesses worldwide, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions across various sectors. However, they faced a common challenge: tracking and managing leads effectively. In their industry, where the sales cycle is lengthy and high-value transactions are the norm, capturing and analyzing every lead's journey is vital.

The Customer's Requirements

Lead Tracking: The customer needed to trace the origin of leads and generate detailed reports for in-depth analysis.

Lead Revenue: Monitoring revenue generated from various channels, like Google Ads, and integrating it with Pardot for visibility was crucial.

Lead Automation: They aimed to automate lead qualification based on specific criteria and seamlessly transfer leads to Salesforce.

Lead Import: The customer sought to import a substantial dataset of 55,000 leads into Pardot, monitor their activities, and transfer only qualified leads to Salesforce.

Aress’ Implementation

Lead Tracking: We harnessed the power of UTM Tags from the Google Analytics toolkit. By connecting Google Analytics with Pardot using Pardot connectors, we optimized the web-to-lead conversion process to capture critical data such as source and campaign information.

Lead Revenue: Leveraging the Google Ads Connector within Pardot, we facilitated the integration. This involved setting up a Google AdWords Account and ensuring verification through a unique key added to Pardot.

Lead Automation: Our team devised automation rules using Pardot's Automation Rule feature. These rules included monitoring lead scores, marking them as qualified when they met specific thresholds, and assigning leads based on their grades.

Lead Import: With a dataset of 55,000 leads provided by the customer, we embarked on a data cleansing process to ensure the accuracy and integrity of records. In Pardot, the email ID served as the unique field for identification.

How Aress helped them increase profits?

Aress recognized the importance of catering to discerning business customers with extended sales cycles and high-value transactions.

Aress emphasized the need to track and analyze every customer activity during the sales process, recognizing it as a paramount requirement.

Aress chose to implement Pardot, a marketing automation platform, to address the customer's specific needs.

The results of the Pardot implementation were astounding!

The client achieved:

  • Lead conversion rates experiencing a remarkable increase ranging from 20% to 30%.
  • The use of Pardot provided the customer with a granular view of each lead's revenue generation potential, allowing them to strategically prioritize leads.
  • Automation was employed to streamline the lead management process, aligning it seamlessly with specific business workflows. This optimization reduced sales overhead costs.

Aress partnered with the customer to revamp their lead management system, leveraging Pardot's capabilities.

As a result of the partnership, the customer experienced an increase in profitability.

The implementation of Pardot led to significant improvements in lead conversion rates, a critical metric for any business.

Pardot provided valuable insights into the customer's business, empowering data-driven decision-making.

In a competitive business landscape, innovative solutions like the one provided by Aress and Pardot set industry leaders apart.

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