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Field Service Lightning – Easing-out the way of Doing Business

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Posted on Jul 07, 2021
by Priya Singh ( Business Development Executive)

Field Service Lightning – Easing-out the way of Doing Business

In today’s technology driven era and unified world, customers expect tailored assistance that`s accessible everywhere. For a good customer service, a solution must ensure the following points:

- Customer calls and requests are handled.
- Orders and service are logged.
- Mobile workers are managed and tracked via mobile devices.
- Orders/requests are dispatched and assigned spontaneously.
- Customers are notified in real-time.

Built on Salesforce Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning seamlessly connects customers together with your field service team, developing the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) by simplifying the procedure. Before FSL, it was a tedious task to track employees, inventory, vehicles, etc. However, with the highly tailored features of FSL, it is now straightforward to organize everything accurately. FSL focuses on placing the right mobile worker in the right place, at the right time, to meet customers’ expectations.

Let us see how Field Service Lightning have eased out business methods:

  • Simplify your Entire Workforce - Provide overall support to agents, dispatchers, and employees in a single platform.
  • Schedule & Dispatch Employees with Ease - Smart and automatic scheduling supported skills, availability, and site to boost on-site service.
  • Manage Jobs in Real-time - One can update work orders, work status or request from anywhere.

FSL is majorly for those organizations that have mobile field specialists for business support. There are 3 key partners involved:

  • Call Center Executive: They function the primary point of contact with the client. The customer creates a service request, and therefore the executive creates within a record within the Service Cloud. The call center executive can similarly book an appointment for an expert.
  • Dispatcher: The FSL Dispatcher should pander to the records, their work orders, appointments in synchronization with the field specialists. Dispatcher Support is set up over the Service Cloud Support inside Salesforce. The idea is to ensure the ideal use of field resources while giving astonishing service.
  • Field Service Technician: Field Service Technicians utilize the FSL mobile application on their cell phones to get service orders, update them as required and even take client signatures. They can look over client records and all related information in a single view.

With a distinctive suite of tools and leveraging Salesforce’s robust CRM elements, Field Service Lightning has undeniably turned out to be a game changer in leveling up field service management. As a Silver Consulting Partner with Salesforce, we employ Certified Developers and Consultants to execute, train and deploy successful Salesforce FSL projects for optimal performance. 

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