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Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

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Posted on Jul 29, 2022
by Kiran Vidhate ( Head of Software Development)

Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

We are living in a digital era and the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the digital economy to new heights that no one has imagined before. According to the Digital Enterprise Maturity 3.0 report shared by NASSCOM recently, a resurgence during the pandemic is evident in enterprise spending on technology. The global technology spend is expected to reach $1.8 Tn in FY2023, up 6.5% year on year.

What is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a process of integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

One of the most important aspects of Digital Transformation is the consolidation of different IT tools such as software, applications, and databases on a single platform. This will help businesses to effectively use these tools and improve their efficiency.

How ServiceNow can help

ServiceNow platform can certainly help businesses embrace their Digital Transformation with its cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform. Using the platform, organizations can easily and intuitively integrate users and workflows, collaborating effectively regardless of the task. The platform also can help apply advanced automation technologies and build customized support applications.

As a consolidated service platform, ServiceNow creates a centralized source of data truth. Tools such as Performance Analytics that are integrated with the Now platform enable organizations to seamlessly transform into a goal-oriented business culture with an easy-to-use, integrated application designed for reporting and analyzing business performance.

The services offered by the Now platform include a comprehensive suite of products that allow businesses to operate using serverless computing over the Cloud. The offerings include five common business categories: IT, HR, Security, Customer Service, and Business Apps.

The Now Platform makes it all possible. Here is how.

Below are some of the core solutions that the ServiceNow platform provides and can help digitize the organization's processes -

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) - ITSM is a set of workflows and tools for developing, delivering, and managing IT services efficiently. ITSM has out-of-the-box modules such as Incident management, problem management, and change management along with the workflows to identify, track, and resolve high-impact issues within the organization quickly.
  • IT Operations Management (ITOM) ITOM is one of the important solutions on the Now platform that addresses the three important aspects of the service delivery for the ITOps team i.e., Service visibility, availability, and agility. This module provides visibility into an organization’s infrastructure and services, prevents service outages, and expands operational agility.
  • IT Business Management (ITBM) - This solution provides improved control to the development, delivery, and management of business services and aligns them with technology. This module has some powerful applications such as Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Finance Management, etc., that enable organizations to manage and develop their core business services through available workflows and tools.
  • HR Service Delivery (HRSD) - This module in ServiceNow helps standardize and automate the HR practices within the organization. Using the features such as Case and Knowledge management, organizations can regulate documentation, and interaction that helps in the fulfillment of employee queries and requests and will improve HR services and efficiency.
  • Customer Service Management (CMS) - CSM solution in ServiceNow helps to transform operations and empower employees to address customer needs quickly and proactively. CSM brings the organization’s front, middle, and back offices together, to proactively solve customer issues. At the same time, by incorporating digital workflows, businesses can effectively automate common requests.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) - The GRC solution helps to manage risk and compliance of the organization’s governance framework, including policies, laws and regulations, and best practices in one system, and maps them to controls. Through continuous monitoring and automation, ServiceNow delivers a real-time view of compliance and risk, improves decision making, and increases performance across the organization and with vendors.
  • Security Operations (SecOps) - SecOps solution helps identify and prioritize incidents automatically so that immediate action can be taken to address them and avoid any service disruptions or potential failures.

The list of the Now platform offerings does not end here, there are several other solutions on the platform that helps organizations fulfilling their digitization needs.

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