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Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense
Posted on Jul 09, 2018
by Administrator

10 reasons why Magento is Best eCommerce platform?

E-Commerce sales shot up to $453.46 billion in US alone that is 16% higher than the figure in 2016. So, one thing is clear - E-commerce is a potent business choice. Do we need to emphasize more on the need for an eCommerce platform for more sales?

Go for Magento then.

Magento has been trusted by thousands of developers for building a highly engaging and robust eCommerce platform. Big giants of multiple business domains like Samsung, Nike and Ford have been bagging huge sales on their Magento e-commerce platforms. Magento 2 Module development powers approximately 16% of the top websites currently and all this pertains to the top 10 advantages listed below:

  1. Magento is Open source: The open source version of Magento is the most used one as it offers myriad of features and Marketplace extensions that lead to the development of a phenomenal eCommerce platform. With the code being open source it gets massive support from an active community that is helping each other to deliver more quality oriented and secure code.

  2. Magento is dedicated to eCommerce: It made its way to open source development quite some time back and rose in popularity as it was the only platform that completely focused on building an eCommerce store. The features and functionalities that can be infused easily and quickly to the store by Magento 2 theme development leave the audience highly engaged. A dashboard, ease of inventory management, product bundling, cross and up-selling provisions, customer segmentation with sever customization makes it a perfect choice for e-commerce.

  3. Inherently SEO effective: With thousands of pages to be maintained on an eCommerce platform SEO may take a back seat but not if your store is powered by Magento. With sitemaps, meta-tags, layered navigation, and more, a website, built using Magento 2 module development practices, can easily be optimized for search engines.

  4. Multi-third party support : It is not always advisable to code a completely new functionality every time. Sometimes it is a good practice to use third-party extensions. Magento is a perfect platform that seamlessly integrates with a third party extension to quicken the development of a robust eCommerce store.

  5. Multi-currency support: The payment gateway has always been a hassle for the eCommerce stores but with Magento, it is like a breeze. Capable of adding multi-currencies acceptance feature in the website, Magento scales your business to a global level.

  6. Scalable and Flexible solutions: E-commerce websites need to evolve with changing trends. With Magento, it becomes easy to scale up the website without paying anything as the platform is open source. With an intuitive front end and robust backend, Magento 2 theme development offers both customers and administrators flexibility of use.

  7. Multi-website support: From a single admin dashboard, you can control multiple eCommerce stores that take your business to places. At a very low cost, you get the advantages of multi-website handling without any hassle.

  8. Responsive Websites: Smartphone adds more to the eCommerce sales and the stats have proved it. With Magento you do not need to take any special effort to make the website responsive it just happens!

  9. Hosting freedom: Hosting needs of an eCommerce platform are massive and Magento completely understands this. That is why it allows you to pick up the right hosting without binding you to any costly packages.

  10. Fast loading Websites: Magento leads to the development of fast loading websites. It is a very important factor that plays important role in customer conversion and SEO ranking also. Magento is the new age solution for the eCommerce store development that is focused to drive more sales and thrive.

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