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Our Software Testing Services are your pathway to flawless software. Aress is a software testing company, who offers a comprehensive suite of testing solutions that ensure your applications perform at their best.

  • Functional Testing Functional
  • Performance Testing Performance
  • Security Testing Security
  • Usability Testing Usability
  • Compatibility-Testing Compatibility
  • Mobile App Testing Mobile App

We are the leading automation testing company and we know the value of effective automation testing. We have deep expertise at your service. At Aress Software, we follow a workflow and process to start test automation for your product from start to end. We understand your need to achieve impeccable quality at maximum speed. Our bespoke test automation strategies and intelligent automation frameworks minimize risks while focusing on the right interfaces for testing.

With extensive expertise and in-depth domain knowledge across varied industries, we understand your specific needs and provide you with tailor-made automation solutions to suit your project requirements perfectly.

Our Test Automation approach
Our Test Automation approach

Test 6X times faster with 99% accuracy and customized frameworks.

Get automated real-time reporting and trend analysis to help strategize automation and enhance efficiency by integrating with Qualiview, our proprietary test analytic platform.

Our engineers create and maintain managed test environments and utilize adaptive testing frameworks to make automated test case implementation easy while slashing your overall costs.

Leverage our vast and varied experience in software testing and get exceptional, tailored solutions that will take your product to the next level.

Automation Testing
Automation Testing

Why Aress?

Why are we the Leading QA Automation Testing Company?

If you want the benefits, then you can always opt for the quality assurance and automation services at Aress Software. We are a customer-centric test automation service-providing company that has developed the best automation testing strategies, practices, and frameworks to test your application. Here are some features that we possess:

  • Innovative Tactics Innovative tactics and high-end
    automation testing tools.
  • Comprehensive Teamwork Comprehensive teamwork
    and frameworks.
  • Automation Testers A wide range of ISTQB certified
    and skilled automation testers.
  • Fast Testing Fast testing and
    accurate results.
Client Benefits

Client Benefits

We assure our clients of the following benefits for their applications

Better Test coverage

Maximizing the test coverage is one of the key benefits of test automation. Lots of test cases can be executed in a very less amount of time without missing the execution of any important scenarios or cases which results in better test coverage compared to manual testing. For better test coverage it is necessary to maintain the balance between manual testing and automation testing.

Reduced Cost

Initially cost can be more in streamlining all the automation process, but it saves lots of costs and gives better ROI once the automation script is built. Less manual effort is required to execute a large volume of test scripts which saves lots of time and reduces cost.

Improved product quality

One of the key benefits of automation testing is improved product quality by eliminating possible human mistakes because it doesn’t ignore or overlook the things that a real person can. Therefore, experts always recommend functional automation, regression, and performance testing.

Shorter time to market

Automation testing reduces lots of Test execution time and speeds up the test cycle for every release which helps companies to release the product in very little time without any delay.

High ROI

We use all the comprehensive and extensive automation testing tools that ensure the highest degree of success and optimum congruence for business implementation.

Process and Skills

  • 1

    Requirement Document

  • 2

    Functional Specification Document

  • 3

    Design Document


Create Test Strategy


  1. Test Plans
  2. Test Deliverables
  3. Test Reporting

Create Test Cases

Test Case Document with

  1. Test Case ID
  2. Steps to Execute Test Case
  3. Expected Result

Execute Test Cases on Individual Units and Complete Application

Write Test Execution Results in Test Log


Updating Defect Tracking Tool

Remember to Update Defect Tracking Tool Once Defects are Closed


Developers fix the Defects and Update Application Unit

Verification of Fixed Defects


Delivers Complete and Tested Application To Customer


Testing Tools

  • Salesforce Automation Tools

    Salesforce Automation Tools
  • UI Automation Tools

    UI Automation Tools
  • Mobile Testing Tools

    Mobile Testing Tools
  • Automation Frameworks

    Automation Frameworks
  • CI/CD Tools

    CI/CD Tools
  • Bug Tracking Tools

    Bug Tracking Tools
  • Performance Testing Tools

    Performance Testing Tools
  • Test Management Tool

    Test Management Tool
  • Reporting

  • Languages Used For Automation

    Languages Used For Automation
  • Security Testing Tool

    Security Testing Tool
  • API


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