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POS App Support And Retail Software Support

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In the fast-paced world of retail, downtime is a dealbreaker. Every minute your Point-of-Sale (POS) system is offline translates to lost sales, frustrated customers, and a dip in employee morale. We understand this challenge better than anyone. Investing in POS uptime is an investment in growth. That is why Aress, with over 24 years of unwavering dedication to POS support, have become the preferred partner for North America's second-largest POS provider.

Our expertise goes beyond hardware and software. Our team of seasoned POS technicians, industry specialists, and skilled engineers possess a deep understanding of diverse industries. This comprehensive knowledge base allows us to address any POS-related inquiry you may have, regardless of your ownership model (own or lease) or industry (banking, processing, retail).

We offer POS Support for


POS Technical Support Tasks we do

Software Setup and Management

  • Software registration and activation
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Pocket inventory and inventory maintenance
  • Setting up coupons, gift cards, and discounts
  • Integration with credit card processing gateways
  • Firewall configuration for optimal performance
  • Remote driver installation for hardware
  • Integrating new hardware with the system
  • Database management and optimization
  • Patch installation and application upgrades

Helpdesk and Customer Support

  • Managing helpdesk and live chat inquiries
  • Handling sales, pre-sales, upselling, and billing
  • Addressing product-related queries
  • Providing order tracking information
  • Assisting with application registration and activation
  • Troubleshooting login issues
  • Clarifying refund and cancellation policies